Have Way More Fun On Instagram With Story Games

Don't hate the player OR the game! Instagram Story games will gamify your online experience — and if you're having a good time on Instagram, chances are your followers will, too.

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What's better than Instagram? Netflix aside, I have not found a better way to waste all my time than to scroll through the feed and the Stories, read one-word Instagram captions, explore the hashtags and trending content, or follow the newest quirky or unique accounts.

Since the pandemic made us all spend some more time at home, you've probably upped your IG Stories viewing time by like a thousand percent these past few years and have started to notice how awesome and entertaining "Story games" actually are.

Instagram Story Games: Taking Stories to the Next Level

If you're trying to get some action on your own Stories, Story games are where it's at. Whether your goal is to actually build your following by getting people to fall in love with your selfie content (check out our Instagram selfie editor) and share and screenshot your Stories, or you're just trying to pass the time and amuse your friends with your Instagram pics, Story games have you sharing your life and personality in even more fun, creative, and interactive ways than before — gamifying the whole IG Story experience. Here are some ways to make that happen.

Popular Opinions

Which outfit (read: which kind of sweatpants) should I wear today? Which workout video should I do? Should I go basic with a vodka soda for my Zoom happy hour or get classy with red wine, or both?

Woman chugging wine

Actual footage of me at most happy hours, virtual or otherwise. As you can see, I'm usually super classy.

Get your friends and followers involved by prompting them to vote, using your Story to create a poll. You can stick with a simple yes or no question, or personalize it with customized questions and answers.

Get to Know Each Other

Learn more about your followers and give them an even deeper look inside your life. Instagram Story games offer free response options, so you can post questions and invite your audience to answer them or ask them to submit theirs, and then share your answers with a fun video story.

instagram story games_quiz me

Play Games

Yes, actual games. Create a quiz in yes/no format or with multiple choice options, or keep your quizzes short and make 'em funny and entertaining. I'm personally obsessed with the people who keep feeding me '90s trivia. Because no one knows more than I do about "Beverly Hills 90210", and yes, I'm willing to put money on that.

Slide to the Right

Crowdsource your ideas. Ask your Insta crew to rate your ideas with fun emoji sliders. It takes almost zero effort to create and is super engaging.

Go All Out

Unlike hipster minimalism of 2010, Stories today are made for decoration. Stickers, templates, lenses, and filters add to that engagement value. Not to mention GIFs — looping snippets that give your Story some extra sparkle and get people laughing.

To keep things exciting, go all out. There are tons of different layouts, lenses, and filters to make your visuals fresh and fabulous. Apps like Seen give you more tools to make Stories stand out visually, like transitions between Story slides.

What's the Tea?

If you do have something "real" to say, add a full page of text to your Story and follow up with a Story game to gauge the reaction. It may inspire your followers or you may just need to get something off your chest, but a Story like this paired with a Story game can be refreshing in an app that is otherwise totally focused on photos and videos. And if you want to sharpen your Stories, check out this Story video maker app to create cool vids and stories for your IG.

Get Your Game On!

Whether you're all about building your brand or just throwing a little glitter on your most recent selfie, Instagram Story games will gamify your online experience. Remember, it's about expressing yourself, so don't be afraid to get a little wild and dress up your Story however you like! Story games are customizable and fun — playing around with all the options can definitely brighten your day. If you're having a good time, chances are your followers will be too.

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