How to Add Sparkle to Photos and Selfies

Learn how to add some sparkle to your photos with Facetune! Follow these easy steps to add glitter to your makeup, clothes, and background for extra pizzazz.

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Sparkles to photos and selfies

Editing photos nowadays is so much more than badly photoshopped Kardashian selfies. We all love a good edit, and playing around with your photos is just so fun. So why not add a bit of sparkle in there and spice it up a bit. *sparkle bae*

There are so many incredible ways to add a bit of glitter and sparkle to your photos, but we've rounded up our favorite ways to use Facetune to make your photos extra special.

So, for parties, girls' nights, festivals, girly selfies, birthdays, disco queens, and anyone who wants to have something extra, here's what you need to know.

Step 1: Open the photo you want to spice up in Facetune.

Step 2: Get all the usual editing out the way first; sparkles should be the last thing you do to get the full effect.

Step 3: On the bottom bar, select the paint function. The select glitter. This will give you a freestyle pen tool so you can add a touch of glitter wherever you choose. It's total creative freedom with glitter! Pick from a range of colors and use the slider to make the glitter more intense. This is ideal for adding sparkly make-up. You can use different colors and layers for a really sparkly look.

Step 4: Once you are happy with your freestyle glitter, go back to the main menu (make sure you save your hard work!), and then select the Clothes function.

Step 5: Here, you can select several glittery options to add to or replace your outfit. You can increase the saturation of the sparkles to make them brighter or dim them to a soft glow with the editing features. You can check out our whole guide to making your clothes sparkle here.

Before Facetune:

Shiny gold and silver glitter mix

After Facetune:

Sparkling gold glitter in a container.

Step 6: Then, remembering to save your work again by clicking the tick, go back to the main menu screen and pick the Background feature on the main menu bar. This will let you add different sparkles to your background. You drip gold or have bright silver everywhere you look. It's up to you, and we think you can never have too many sparkles.

Step 7: Save your work, and there you have, a gorgeous sparkly disco queen or birthday girl or whatever the occasion.

It's all the sparkles, all the fun and none of the mess of actual glitter. It's super easy once you know how to get started, and is guaranteed to get all your friends obsessed with your photos. What's life without a bit of sparkle to it?!

Facetune team
Facetune Team
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