How to Make Your Eyes Bigger in Photos

Learn how to enhance your eyes in photos with Facetune. Get wider, brighter eyes with just a few tweaks using the Size, Width, Height, and Whiten tools. Don't let your eyes ruin your perfect shot!

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Get bigger eyes with these tips

Have you ever snapped a photo and then realized that while you've got a really huge smile in it, somehow your eyes have disappeared? It happens all the time. When you're in the moment and laughing or smiling, your eyes are either closed, half-closed, or in the middle of blinking.

The most annoying thing is when you take a group selfie and everyone else looks great, while you are mid-blink and looking like you're about to sneeze. Of course, that's the photo everyone wants to put on Instagram.

Eyes are so important, and it's really disappointing when everything else looks great except for your eye, which is doing something weird.

Aside from your smile, anytime someone looks at a picture, they look at your eyes. Eyes are the windows to your soul, so you need them to look good!

Eyes before Facetune:

Before comparison of eye size.

Eyes after Facetune:

after comparison of eye size.

Well, with Facetune, all it takes are a few quick tweaks and you'll be uploading a photo where everyone's eyes look wide open (not in a creepy way!). Simply follow these steps for wider, brighter eyes in your next selfie.

Step 1 – Pick your photo and open it in Facetune.

Step 2 – Head to the Face option in the main menu and then select the Eyes option.

Step 3 – Here, you can use all the awesome tools to slightly adjust your eyes and get them into the shape and size you'd prefer. The Size tool can be used to increase the overall size of your eye. Use the slider to increase or decrease both eyes and then use the Width and Height tools to improve the different aspects of your eyes. The Height tool is super helpful if you are squinting or have your eyes half-closed in a photo.

Step 4 – Making your eyes whiter can also make them look larger and draw attention to them. In the main menu, use the Retouch function to select the Whiten tool. Next, brush your fingers over each of your eyes in turn, and then use the slider to make them brighter. You can also use the Details tool to bring your eyes into focus.

If you want even more tips on how to bring attention to your eyes in a photo, we've put together the ultimate guide to brighter eyes, as well as a guide to eye photography. Your eyes are such a vital and expressive part of your face, and now you can make them look amazing in every photo.

Facetune team
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