How To Take A Bomb Full Body Selfie

Strike a pose head-to-toe! Ditch the awkward close-ups and master the art of the full-body selfie with this guide from Facetune.

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how to take a full body seflie

Full body selfies require even more skill than a regular selfie. With more of you in the picture, there's a lot to worry about: what do I do with my hand, does this pose make me look fat, where do I look, have my legs always looked like that? Somehow, Instagram stars make full-body mirror selfies look so effortless, so easy, and so natural.

If you’re struggling with your full-body selfie, we've got the insider selfie tips& info you need to take your full-body selfie from awkward hobbit to full-on superstar.

1. Clean your space

Let's get the basics out of the way first: check your background, make your bed, remove any rubbish and please, please, please, clean your goddam mirror! We really shouldn’t have to tell you this.



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2. Consider lighting

Make sure your lighting is on point. Dull or dark lighting can take your selfie from cute to blah in seconds. Be sure the lights aren't directly above or below you since these angles can create harsh shadows across your body. You want calm, neutral lighting that is bright enough that the photo is vibrant, but not so bright that you're squinting or looking like a ghost. Natural light is great if you have a big enough window. More specifically, try to make sure the light is in front of you so your face isn’t in shadow – you might have to move your mirror for this!

3. What about your OOTD?



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The next thing to work out is what pose will suit your outfit. If you're wearing a dress that shows off your tiny waist, you'll want to stand up, face the camera, and just pop one leg out to accentuate your curves. However, if you've got a baggy top on, this pose might make you look like a tent.

You could try sitting down for some poses. Tuck one leg up like you're going to cross your legs but then extend the other out in front of you, keeping the knee bent. This is a great pose to hide your tummy and makes your legs look longer than a Victoria Secret model.

With your arms, we suggest leaving it by your side, placing it on your hips, or even putting it into a pocket.

Whatever your pose, make sure you feel comfortable—an unnatural pose can be SO awkward.

4. Be real, okay?

Don't try too hard to look candid. We can see that you are taking a photo in front of a mirror, so don't try to hide it, or act surprised and overly smiley. You're rocking the selfie and your outfit is cute—there's no shame here! Keep it natural; if you try too hard, you'll look awkward. Just chill. Focus on highlighting the best part of your outfit. This is the time when you’re allowed to show off a bit so don’t be shy.

5. Your gaze

Play around with where you look. You don't have to look directly at the camera through the mirror. This can be distracting. Try looking at your phone in your hand for a cool "I'm not bothered" vibe. Or you could try holding your phone in front of your face completely to put all the focus on your outfit. If you do want to look at yourself, make sure your gaze isn’t too intense; you’re checking you look cute, not staring into your own soul hoping to answer life’s questions.


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6. Frame yourself

Finally, make sure you are far enough away from the mirror to get some of the mirror frame in the shot. The edges of the mirror will help frame you nicely and provide a size guide so you look proportioned. It also helps set the scene without being distracting. You want the focus to be on you and your OOTD, not what’s behind you. The frame will bring attention to what’s in the center—you!

Full-body selfies are hard to get right because there is so much to think about. But trust us, once you've had a bit of practice, you'll be a pro in no time.

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