How to whiten your teeth with Facetune

Learn how to whiten your teeth in videos using Facetune. Follow these easy steps to get natural-looking white teeth in seconds without spending a fortune.

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how to whiten your teeth with facetune

When it comes to whitening your teeth, you've got a few options: whitening strips, expensive treatments or a quick edit on your phone (you can whiten your teeth in selfies very easily!). However, it sucks when you look back at a video and find that your pearly whites are looking neither pearly nor white.

Enter teeth whitening in videos.

Whatever your vice — be it coffee, red wine, smoking, fizzy drinks, or even too much soy sauce — stained teeth are not cute on anyone. The problem is, we generally don't notice stained teeth until we see them in a video, and by then it's too late. If all your mates are smiling and showing perfect white teeth, it can be awkward when yours look a strange shade of yellow. But don't panic; there's no need to book a dentist appointment just yet.

We know how embarrassing it is to have stained teeth in a video. But when it comes to teeth whitening in videos, make sure you don't go too far, or you could end up looking like Ross from "Friends" or Simon Cowell. Glow in the dark teeth, anyone?

To make sure you get it just right, follow our guide to getting natural-looking white teeth in your video in just seconds without all the mess and money.

Step 1

Open your video in Facetune.

Step 2

On the bottom control bar, select the Retouch option. Use the Smooth function and the Glow tool to give yourself a flawless base. You’ll want to edit your face first because if you brighten your face you may find your teeth need even more whitening.

Selfie before filter

Step 3

On the main home screen, slide the icon along the still frames until you find a good shot of yourself with your teeth showing. This will make the next step easier.

Selfie after filter

Step 4

Scroll along the bottom bar until you find the Smile tool. In this area you can add lipstick if you want, and you can whiten your teeth. In the Whiten function, move the bar up and down to intensify the whiteness of your teeth. The unique algorithms in the app will apply your choice across the whole video. It will also apply it to other people in the video.

One final tip for teeth whitening in your videos

Remember, you can always go back to the Facetune home screen to watch the video. This lets you check to see if everything has been edited smoothly and to ensure you haven't whitened your teeth too much.

In videos with changing lights, you may find that what looks white in one shot is actually super bright or super yellow in the next moment. You’ll need to play around to find a happy medium with your pearly whites.

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