Imitate Classic Pin-Up Poses For Your IG

Learn how to take sultry pin-up photos with these popular poses! From classic chest shots to full-body poses, add vintage flair to your Insta.

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Pin-up poses for Instagram photo.

In the 50s it was popular to “pin-up” pictures of beautiful actresses and models, and the images on these pictures had a very distinguishable style. Kinda like the Instagram of the 50s.

With their vintage feel and understated sexiness, pin-up photos still appeal to men and women of today though. And the easy poses can make anyone look sultry, so creating your own pin-up photo works as a unique gift for your crush, or even a fire addition to your own Instagram.

To help ya out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular pin-up poses and steps to achieving them.

Some of the basics include popping your hip, bending one knee, and placing hands on your hips. Add some sexy hair, makeup, and an extra expression and you’ve got yourself a pin-up pose!

Pose 1:

Let’s start with an easy one. In a standing position, bring feet and legs together and slightly lock your knees. Place both hands on the sides of the chest, or just above the hips with elbows pointed out and angled slightly in.

Variations: Cross ankles, and experiment with hand placement (hands on thighs, etc.), OR bend both knees and simply blow a kiss! Check out some Insta takes here.

As for your outfit, you can’t go wrong with HEELS - in any of the poses really. And this simple pose works best with something bodycon like a vintage swimsuit or lingerie. Your expression can be anything from an exaggerated smile, to round lips with an open mouth, like you’re saying “oh”.

Pose 2:

If you are going for a truly vintage feel, hair is a key piece, so here’s a pose that will help to showcase your hair. Place hands behind your head with your elbows pointed out, and one angled a little higher than the other. Tilt chin up, and slightly open your mouth. This one can be done seated, or in a standing position.

Pose 3:

This next one is good for showing off the legs and a sweet dress - as always heels are where it’s at! Bend one knee and lift your heel so that you're standing on one leg.

Bring your arms straight out to your sides, and lift your hands up, pointing fingertips toward the ceiling - it’s as though you are pushing something down toward the floor with palms. Sorta like a curtsy. In fact, if you are doing this one in a dress, grasp the sides of your skirt, to fan it out and show it off.

Pose 4:

This one is great for an outside pic or anything where you are trying to accentuate your curves. Basically, you are just going to sit on your knees. Keep your heels underneath your butt, or bring them slightly out to the side. Widen knees apart and place palms of hands down on the ground between them. Arch your back for a slimmer look.

Variations: Your hands can be raised, placed on or outside of your knees/thighs, or even behind your head like the previous pose.

Go for a more relaxed, barefoot look in a bathing suit or lingerie, and be sure to opt for some bright nail polish.

Classic pin up position with white underwear.

Pose 5:

There are poses for nearly every position you can think of so here’s a few variations lying down - when wanna get real sexy with it;) Lying on your back, angle your head and face closer to the camera, raise your legs in the air where you will have a soft bend in both knees. Drop one heel towards your butt or cross at the ankles. Keep them raised, or rest both legs on a bed or ladder. Anything goes for your upper body, but try raising hands overhead, or coyly bringing one finger to your mouth.

Variation: If you want to highlight your face (and makeup), lie on your stomach, and again, angle your face towards the camera. Rest on your elbows and keep your hands busy with a prop like a vintage cola, or place the chin in your hands. Bend knees and cross ankles, and again with those heels.

Pose 6:

Use props and lean on something - anything. Okay, ANYTHING is a bit of a stretch, but incorporating large or everyday items with a vintage look could be a great touch. Cars were big in vintage posters, so find the closest boomer you know and see if you can borrow their classic car for the shoot.

Classic Pin-Up Poses with McLaren

Barstools may be a little more accessible and make it easy to maintain a pose. Simply rest one knee on the seat, and arch your back- show 'em what you're working with girl! And don't be afraid to experiment with little props like vintage phones, food, suitcases, or even typewriters!

You've mastered these pin-up poses, but don't have someone to capture great photos, it's okay, we've got you covered on how to take a good body selfie. Don't forget to grab some BTS video content and show your followers how you crushed it.

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