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Dog selfie with multiple breeds and hashtags.

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Who here has the perfect pup?

Yeah yeah, that's what we thought.  We all think our dog is the top dog, so it isn't any wonder that dog selfies are uber-popular amongst those of us with furry friends.

That said, if you've got yourself a cute pup, why not make use of that cuteness to get more likes on your Instagram photos?

If your eyes just lit up, try adding some of these dog selfie hashtags to your photo, and just watch as everyone starts double taping like mad.

1) #dogstagram #instadog #cutedogs #dogoftheday #doggo #dogsdaily

If you want to keep it simple, opt for one of these dog selfie hashtags.

Sure, you're probably going to get a lot of likes from doggo-obsessed people + all the dog owners who created IG accounts for their pets, but hey, a like is a like, right?

2) #dogmom #doglover #ilovemydog #dogsarefamily #dogsrule #mansbestfriend #womansbestfriend

Is the focus of your dog selfie more about you and your relationship with your best pal?

If so, give some of these hashtags a whirl to show off your BFF status.

3) #puppy #puppylove #pup #puppygram #puppyoftheday #puppiesofinstagram #cutepuppy #puppydog

Come on, who doesn't love a puppy?

I mean, unless you've got a black heart, a puppy is always worth a like in our books.

Make use of these puppy hashtags to get all the puppy enthusiasts out there over to your IG account.

(p.s. jelly of your puppy owner status)

4) Hashtag the breed, #rescuedog, #mixbreed

This is going to differ from dog to dog, but one of the easiest ways to get likes on your dog selfie is to hashtag your dog's breed.

This way, if you've got yourself a lab, all the dog owners who are just as lab obsessed as you are going to come flocking to your photo. You can even get specific by hashtagging the specific color of lab, for example (i.e. #blacklab)

And hey, if you have a mixed breed or reuse, don't miss out on the fun—be sure to hashtag that, too (people loooooooove a good rescue dog story).

Bottom line: People looooooove dogs in general, make use of it, 'kay?


Generate AI Images with your own selfies

Create AI Avatars

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