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We l.o.v.e. LOVE a good mirror selfie. It gets the camera out of your face (perfect if you're trying to cover up some pesky pimples), it lets you showcase your outfit, and let's be real, it's a little more interesting than the same picture of your face over and over again.

You feel me?

If you're on Team Mirror selfie, it's about time you familiarize yourself with some of the top mirror selfie hashtags.

Because seriously, if you're posting mirror selfies and nobody is seeing them... well, do they even count?

Give some of these mirror selfie hashtags a try:

1) #mirrorselfie #mirror #mirrorpic #mirrorphotography #relfection

We always like to get the more obvious ish out of the way first.

If you can't think of what hashtags to use on your mirror selfie, or you're just not feeling particularly creative today, opt for some of these simple options.

You won't win any creativity points, but hey, if it gets us a like, we're not complaining.

2) #outfitoftheday #ootd #outfit #outfitinspiration #instafashion

There are a lot of good reasons to take a mirror selfie in our books (see above), but if we could pick only one, we would have to say it's to show off a killer outfit.

Because let's be real, you didn't drop a serious amount of cash on those new pair of heels for nobody to see them. You want to show them off in your mirror selfie!

If this sounds like you, try out some of these outfit-based hashtags on your next mirror selfie.

3) #homedecor #interiordesign #homestyle #home #interior #homesweethome

Another good reason to shoot a mirror selfie? You're trying to show off your home decor (while also making sure you're part of the picture, of course).

Next time you're using a mirror to highlight that epic home reno you just completed, try out some of the above hashtags.

4) #instagood #selfietime #goodvibes #selfie #instadaily #smile

Okay okay, enough of all that funny business of making other things the star of the show in your seflie.

If you want to switch the narrative and make yourself the center of attention in your selfie (no judgment), be sure to use some of the most popular hashtags associated with mirror selfies.

No thanks necessary.


Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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