27 Monday Hashtags to Start Your Week Off Right

Find the best Monday hashtags for your Instagram and TikTok posts! Boost your week with #MondayMotivation, #MeowMonday, #MondayFunday, #MondayMantra, and more. Share your #MondayThoughts and #MondaySelfie, or get active with #MondayWorkout and #MeatlessMonday.

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Welllllllll, it's that time of the week again — Monday. Which means one thing: Monday hashtags!

For some people, Mondays are all about that fresh start to the week. For others, Mondays have them quivering in their boots.

In our books, though, every day of the week is a good time to throw up some Instagram pics and/or TikTok videos (Monday is no exception).

If you agree, here are our fave Monday hashtags to give you a little boost to start your week (because let's be real, getting likes on your photos can add some serious good vibes to the week, right?).

1) #mondays #monday #mondaymonday

I know, I know, simplest hashtags ever. Don't worry, we've got some more interesting ones coming up for you, but sometimes, it's easy enough to miss out on these more obvious hashtags.

Don't let these babies pass you by.

2) #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday #motivation #mondayinspiration #goals #newgoals #goodvibes #loveyourself #freshweek

If you're feeling like a ray of sunshine this week, try out some of these upbeat hashtags.

They're great to start the week off on the right foot, and they add a little dash of positivity to your followers' feeds (you little ray of light, you).



3) #mondayblues

Hey, if you're feeling a little less happy-go-lucky and a little more anti-Monday, #Mondayblues is an equally popular hashtag.

Because let's be real, not every Monday brings rainbows and butterflies with it.

4) #mondayvibes #mondaymood

And hey, maybe you don't looooove Monday, but you're also not crying about it. Maybe Monday has its own unique feeling for you.

What's your Monday vibe?

5) #mondaymemories

We love ourselves a good throwback, and we're pretty certain 99.99% of the IG world does, too.

If you want an easy way to bring some likes to your photos, post a fun throwback with #mondaymemories.

Word to the wise: The older the memory, the more likes you'll see headed your way.

6) #meowmonday

Oh yeah, this hashtag is totally a thing, and for all you cool cat ladies out there, this is an excellent excuse to pick up that little ball of fluff and get snapping.

Everyone loves a cute animal pic. It's a fact.



7) #mondayfunday

Sunday might traditionally be the "fun" day of the week, but Monday is starting to take over this hashtag, and we're all about it.

Slightly less overused than the traditional Sunday hashtag, this Monday variation is an easy way to get some eyeballs on your pics.

Plus, if you've got a fun Monday planned, this is a great excuse to let everyone know.

Who else is ready to use Instagram to show off what they have on the docket for Monday?

8) #mondayquotes

Do you know what we love most about adding quotes to our feeds?

They're soooo easy!

Not only is adding a quote image to your IG grid an easy way to post something when you're lacking content, but it's also a good way to break up your feed.

I mean, as much as we love seeing your selfies, a little something different won't hurt either.

9) #mondaymantra

Following that same idea as a Monday quote, there's also always room for a Monday mantra on your feed. Spread some good vibes, yeah?

10) #mondaymorning

Not going to lie to you, Monday morning isn't winning any awards in my books, but hey, when it comes to Monday hashtags, we're not here to play favorites. We're here to tell you what will get you likes on your pics, and with this hashtag being used 4 million times on Instagram, that's a good enough reason to try it out!

11) #mondayworkout #mondayrun

Hey, all you workout fanatics, whether you're hitting the gym or getting out there for your daily run, these workout-inspired hashtags never fail. 

12) #meatlessmonday

You don't have to go full-on vegetarian to use this hashtag. In fact, this hashtag is specifically for those who aren't vegetarian but choose to pick one day of the week (i.e. Monday) where they refrain from meat consumption.

If you're a bit of a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen and you've got some meatless recipes up your sleeve, a good drool-worthy photo will do your Instagram some good.

13) #mondaymusings #mondaythoughts

We love a good hashtag where you've got some room to play, and that's where these ambiguous hashtags come in. Share a thought, express an opinion, or just go off on a little tangent. You don't have to share every little thought that has ever popped into your head, but a caption that goes beyond the standard "Happy Monday!" might be in order.

14) #mondayselfie

And last, but certainly not least, while you never need an excuse to post a selfie, if you're looking for one, here you go.

(Don't forget, we have a full post on all the best selfie hashtags for all you Selfie Queens/Kings out there.)

So, tell us: Which of these hashtags will be making it onto your Instagram pic/TikTok video? Let us know and don't be afraid to get creative with your Monday hashtags.

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