Birthday Selfie Ideas

Selfie with cupcake for birthday celebration

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Not that you need an excuse to snap a selfie, but a birthday is a damn good one.Next time your time of the year rolls around, take some inspiration from this list of selfie ideas for your most liked Instagram pic yet. You're welcome.

1) Champagne showers

Again, we don't think you necessarily need an excuse to snap a selfie with a bottle of champagne, but hey, if you're trying to avoid a bit of a reputation, maybe reserve the champagne snaps for special occasions like b-days and New Years, yeah?And hey, rose, a martini, or any drink of choice works here for a little #cheers selfie moment.

2) Party backdrop

Nothing says birthday celebration more than a big party backdrop.'Ya know, the full shebang—balloons, cake, streamers, presents, a freakin' banner that says "happy birthday", the works.(we're not ones for subtleties over here)


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3) Keep it chill

We get that not all of you want to flaunt your birthday, but hey, there's totally a way to get your birthday on without being an obnoious B about it.

Take a more laid-back, relaxed selfie with everyday makeup, wavy hair, and just your standard backdrop.

Sure, it doesn't scream HBD to me, but sometimes, that might actually work in your favor.

4) With a ballon

It's cute, it screams birthday, and it's easy.Just make sure you use a tripod or selfie stick to actually get the balloon in the shot, otherwise, it will look like you're just holding onto a string... Not what we're going for here.

5) Cupcake/cake

Spreaking of props that scream birthday, you can also selfie with a cupcake or cake.

I mean, a cake might be a little large to hold up to the camera, but we love the idea of holding a little mini cupcake.

Dip your finger in the icing and lick a little off for a bit of a Rated-R flair.p.s. no hard feelings if you don't have a larger-than-life cake to selfie with like Kim K. It's the thought that counts.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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