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In times of social distancing, the idea of a selfie has become even more essential than it was before 2020 decided to turn seriously

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In times of social distancing, the idea of a selfie has become even more essential than it was before 2020 decided to turn seriously un-chill.The problem is that some people’s feeds can make you feel like you’re looking at the same selfie on some kind of weird loop. Every selfie idea in 2020 is so similar that you need to sit down from the dizzying repetition of that one stock selfie pose ad infinitum.

This begs the question: Where are all the original selfie ideas?

Come on, duck face again, really? We can do better than that people!

All of the Selfie Ideas

Luckily, these words are here to guide you out of the singular selfie trap safely. And just like the very unusual phase tells us, there is more than one way to skin a cat. (Why, dear Lord, would anyone want to do that?) Sorry, I digress. The point is that there are tons more ways for you to level up your selfie game than just pointing and pouting.Below are some of the most popular, original selfie ideas, followed by additional tips for selfie ideas.

Get silly

Silly selfie ideas should be taken more seriously.Endlessly similar selfie shots can make you appear more like a mannequin than an actual person to the outside world.And what’s worse is that this is not at all who you really are. Unfortunately, the pressure to always look our best can often mean that our selfies lack any actual soul.One great way to remedy this is to bring the silly to your selfies. Have fun. Stick your tongue out. Wear a weird hat. BE YOU!People really relate to those who aren’t afraid to NOT take themselves super seriously every minute of the day. Give it a


Be creative

There is no rule book when it comes to creative selfie ideas. Think about how you can show off your own natural creativity in the form of a selfie.How about a polaroid selfie superimposed over a new background? Print off one of your favorite selfies and then hold it in the center of the shot with some cool live background behind it.It’s technically an old selfie, but you’ve just gone and given it its brand new flair.

Introduce furry friends

Everybody loves dogs, right? Yes, all people do. If you don’t, our friendship is over.With this now established as fact, a fantastic way to get those likes blowing up is to bring Fido into the frame. Dog selfie ideas are taking Instagram by storm and is massively popular!The cuter the dog, the more the likes. But don’t let this put you off if your dog is not exactly camera ready. Any dog adds character to your selfie.Cats can also do the trick, but they are notoriously anti-social and will be reluctant to stay still and pose in return for a good-boy treat. #dogs4life

Spread the selfie love

Who said that selfies could only be for one person? Okay, selfie by definition kind of suggests it should be a one-person thing, but we’re mixing things up here.A super way to add variety to your feed is to show off all of your lovely friends to your followers. That’s right, let’s get the full squad involved. Remember, to make this look right, you’ll need to stand a little bit ahead of the rest of the group. Get the Queen Bee in the foreground and the supporting cast looking Gucci in the background.It’s a group selfie, but that doesn’t mean you have to let anyone steal your shine

!Bae and BF

I know, I know, it’s often advisable to steer clear of lovie dovie selfie shots with your main squeeze on the Gram.Times can move fast. People change. And if this love fizzles out, you don’t want your ex front and center on your feed.One word for you: delete. While everything is John and Chrissy, however, there’s no reason not to show off your happiness to the world. Don't be embarrassed to try out some lovey dovey couple selfie ideas.

Ice cold cool

What’s cooler than being cool? That’s right, Ice Cold!Variety is the spice of selfies, and the world should see your personality in all of its myriad glory, but sometimes you just got to lay a marker down too.Every now and again, it is your iPhone given right to blow that feed UP.Go hard, Show them that you are some serious shizzle.There is no one definitive way to describe how you can do this. Your ice-cold cool is very personal and unique.You know what it is. It’s time to give the world a little glimpse with a cool selfie idea.

Life's a beach

A surefire winner is the beach selfie. It works on every level. In the middle of summer, you can light up the world with your sun-kissed face and salty smile.And then in the winter, you can drop one you saved for later via #tbt. Your comment section will light up with messages from everybody longing for those hot summer days that felt like they were going to last forever.Like the seasons, your beach selfie ideas should be diverse and full of variety. Sometimes you’ve got to shine bright like the summer. Other days you can be cold and sultry like the fall. The most important thing is to avoid the singular selfie trap and keep it interesting for your followers, both old and new.

Work that mirror

The bathroom/elevator mirror selfie is a little too easy, but it’s a perfect old faithful to fall back on when you’re looking lit and need to share.Basically, the mirror is your friend, so you should use it creatively too. A cool one is to use a car wing mirror or even better, a motorcycle. This gives off a cool, dynamic vibe. Everybody will be asking, where’s she going? And who is she going with…?Nothing like a bit of mystery to get that follower count ticking up with some great mirror selfie ideas!

Extreme selfies

One problem with selfie ideas is that you mostly need to stand or sit still to make them work. There is little to be done to get around this, but life does not happen while you’re standing still.It’s highly likely that you live a life full of movement, and maybe even a hint of danger or crazy. Call it...a crazy selfie.Do your very best to get this exciting side of your life into your selfies.Stand on your head. Capture that most mind-bendingly flexible yoga pose. Jump out of a plane. Go deep-sea diving.Crazy selfie ideas like this show off sides of your character that the outside world just can’t get access to when you’re looking all pretty and simply gazing into the lens.

https://www.instagram.com/p/B_BBwk9pFcL/ (have been deleted)

It's getting hot in here

People are not robots, although looking at some selfie feeds, you would be forgiven for thinking for some people it could be an idea to check for their batteries.Selfies need to be mixed up, and just like it is sometimes necessary to go ice cold and show that intense coolness at the heart of your personality. Other times, it’s necessary to turn up the heat and make the world sit up to exactly how goddam sexy you are, little thing.Obviously, this hot and sexy selfie idea choice runs some risks. You don’t want to be posting anything borderline pornographic, but you do want to leave those mouths agape and drooling.Go close to the edge and then pull it back ever so slightly. Sexiness is about awakening desire. What is left to the imagination is always more exciting than something just clumsily dumped right into your face. For further study, make sure you learn how to take a sexy selfie.

Make people laugh

We already looked at silly, but funny is ever so slightly different. Funny selfies ideas are not necessarily silly selfies.Every day, unusual situations can be funny, and you don’t always seek them out. Sometimes they come to you.In fact, sometimes, these “funny’ scenarios may not be all that funny at all for you. But to the outside world, it might be hilarious to see your slight misfortune.Don’t be afraid to let your guard down and show real life when it gets a little inconvenient for you. Most funny selfie ideas will offer some much-needed light-relief for your followers.

https://www.instagram.com/p/B9zV6E5lx_N/ (have been removed)

One last tip to improve your selfie ideas: Lights, reflections, color

Some of the most amazing selfies are often those that spring up organically and catch you unawares.Playing with interesting light patterns and unexpected reflections can be a really cool way to break up the selfie feed.Shadows & color can also give off that “I’m here, but I’m moody” vibe that grabs people’s attention.https://www.instagram.com/p/CDb931flK8z/Try to stay aware of your surroundings at all times. You just never know where that next smash hit selfie is going to be pop up from.And so there you have it, my dears. You now have absolutely zero reasons to whip out the phone and take just one more standard selfie.Of course, you will do that again. We all will.But YOLO, y’all, let’s make an effort and try to keep it fire whenever possible.Have fun!

And just a few more selfie ideas:

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