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Who's ready to show off bae in their latest Instagram pic?

While couples pics may seem cheesy and make you want to #gag, there's no denying that people just looooooove a pic of a happy couple. Seriously, this phenomenon should be studied. And so, next time you're looking for selfie ideas that will help you get those likes rolling in, give some of these selfie ideas with your boyfriend a whirl:

1) The good, 'ol bashful cheek kiss

You can't fail with this selfie move. You just can't.

An age old trick to getting the perfect couple shot, have your BF kiss your cheek as you look bashfully away from the camera. BOOM. Perfection.

(and hey, throw in a swimsuit moment to the mix and it's truly game over)



2) Don't wanna be "cutsey"? Skip it

Not every selfie with your boyfriend needs to be mushy, gushy.

Snap a pic in your car, show yourself running everyday errands, or you can even simply photograph yourself and have your BF in the background doing his own thing.

You get your perfect pic, he doesn't have to pose. Everyone is happy.



3) Hey, let's not overcomplicate it. Cool?

No, but really, I know your feed is full of couples off doing cool, adventurous things, and maybe you're feeling like you need to step it up...

Stop your scroll right there.

Taking a selfie with your boyfriend doesn't have to be complicated.

Get close, smile, and 'ya know, look like you actually like each other. It's really that simple.



4) Mirror shots never fail

It's a fact.

Not so up close and personal but still cute, we love a good mirror selfie.

Throw in a matchy-matchy moment, and you've got yourself a winning combo here.



5) Workin' on your fitness

The couple that works out together stays together...

Or, 'ya know, something like that.

Whether it's a gym selfie, a running selfie, or a little workout at home session, a fitness selfie with your BF is an A+ in our books.


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