Selfie Ideas To Get More Facebook Likes and Followers

selfie ideas for facebook likes and facebook followers

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Let's be honest, if you're under the age of 30, Facebook might not be your number one platform for growing your social media following, buttttttttt it also doesn't hurt to have your hands in multiple cookie jars, 'ya know?

If you need some selfie ideas to help get those likes and follows rolling in on FB, try out some of these:

1) Keep it traditional

Normally, I'd tell you to get creative with your selfie, but with Facebook, keep it traditional.


Because Facebook isn't primarily a photo-sharing network like Instagram, so it's easier for your selfie to get lost in the crowd.

Skip the mirror selfie and get up close and personal for likes on Facebook.

2) Prioritize lighting

Again, because Facebook allows users to share more than just pictures (cue the constant flow of "funny" memes from Aunt Susie), you've got to get your selfie right.

And what's the number one ingredient for a good selfie? Lighting. Always lighting.

Not only are dark selfies not going to do anything for you, they're always easy to miss. It's 2021, people, camera phones have never been better. Utilize them with good lighting, okay?



3) Makeup? Check. Hair? Check. Flattering angle? Check

Yeah, yeah, the natural, baby-faced look is in, but again, when we're dealing with images that can easily get lost, you want your selfie to stand out.

And yeah, you can do this with props or gimmicks, but if want to feel good about all those likes your photo is getting, throw a little mascara and lip gloss on.

You don't have to go for the full JeffreeStar blinding highlight, but like, all the power to you if you do.

Bottom line: as much as it might sound harsh, look good in your selfie if you want likes, 'kay? #toughlove


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4) And, when in doubt...

Just post the same selfie on Facebook that you use for Instagram.

It takes one click of a button to reshare, you save time, and to be honest, you should probably spend more of your time getting the perfect selfie in general rather than trying to get one that is perfect for a platform that your grandma uses.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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