Selfie Frame Ideas

Learn how to frame your selfies like a pro with these creative and easy ideas. From hand framing to cutout frames, sunglasses reflections to filters!

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You've got the selfie nailed down... Now you want to add a frame to show off the star of the show. You (obviously).

Take some of these selfie ideas next time you're looking to frame your latest snap.

1) Use your hands

Let's start off with the basics. If you're looking to frame your selfie, using your hands with a little Madonna Vogue action is your no-fuss way to framing your selfie.

2) Make a cutout frame

You've seen this at your sister-in-law's baby shower, or your BFF's wedding, cutout frames seem to be all the rage when it comes to photobooth props.

But hey, photobooth or not, this is a playful way to frame your selfie without having to be too crafty.

3) Mirror selfie

Yup, the good ol' mirror selfie works like a charm here.

Not only is a mirror selfie one of the easiest ways to get a selfie that shows off your whole bod, it also instantly adds a framing effect.



4) Effects + filters

Oh, you know how we love a good filter...

And yes, this still rings true when it comes to frames. An easy way to add a little special touch to your pic, we love this example of a heart frame, but you could really use this idea with any shape, brush stroke, or color you want.



5) In someone's sunglasses

Yup, framing yourself in the reflection of someone's sunnies is a creative way to play with frames in your selfie.

While it might take a couple of shots to get this right, you're adding something a little different to people's Instagram feeds, which we're all about.

Who's ready to bring a little creativity to Instagram with these fun frame ideas?

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