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It sounds kind of silly, but taking a selfie can be major stressful—getting the right light, picking a good selfie idea, erasing that double chin, tilting your head in a flattering direction, even just angling your camera the proper way can get us all worked up.

But here's the deal: Taking a selfie is not freaking rocket science. Or, at least, it shouldn't be!

If you're ready to bring back the fun to your selfie game, try out some of these selfie game ideas.

1) Try a scavenger hunt

Have you ever participated in a selfie scavenger hunt?

No, we're not talking about that scavenger hunt Aunt Mildred set up back when you were in diapers...

We're talking about a grown-up selfie scavenger hunt!

When you join a selfie scavenger hunt, generally you have a list of seemingly random things that you have to "selfie" with.

First one to tick off the whole list, wins! (Oh yeah, I hear you itching to play all you competitive, Type-A personalities).

2) Selfie challenge

Okay, fine, maybe the idea of a selfie scavenger hunt has your heart palpitating. Perhaps you don't want to run around the city taking random selfies (it can be kind of embarrassing tbh).

Butttttttt maybe you would be more down for a selfie challenge.

Selfie challenges tend to be a little more low-key, slower-pace, and less stressful.

Maybe you've joined a fitness challenge and you're prompted to take a selfie after each workout, or maybe you're really into food and your fav food blogger is hosting a challenge where you selfie with different recipes you make.

Selfie challenges keep your Instagram game on its toes.



3) Make it a party game

A selfie challenge or scavenger hunt can seem a little lonely, which is why we love the idea of adding a selfie game into a party.

For instance, have a Bachelorette party coming up and want to win some serious MOH points?

Organize a selfie game where all your ladies have to complete different selfies throughout the night (i.e. selfie in the mens' bathroom, selfie dancing on the bar, selfie with a bottle of get the idea).



Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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