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Learn how to add an "artsy" edge to your selfies with these photography tips. From black and white filters to using a pro camera or portrait mode, elevate your selfie game and take your photography skills to the next level.

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Whether you fancy yourself the next Annie Leibovitz or you're simply looking to raise your artistic meter, bringing a hint of photography to your selfie game is never a bad idea in our books.

So wait, how do you actually add in this coveted "artsy" edge to your selfie? Don't worry, we've got selfie ideas for you that will give you that A+ selfie photography you've been seeking.

Let's dig in.

1) Black and white is your BFF

Sure, it might seem kiiiiiiind of obvious to implement black and white selfies if you're looking to bring that more artistic, photographic edge to your selfie, but hey, it works. Plain and simple.



2) Use a pro camera

Want an obvious way to give your selfie that more pro feeling?

Take a mirror selfie but ditch the iPhone and show off your "real" camera.

Yeah yeah, phone cameras have become pretty stellar in recent years, but there's just something about taking a mirror selfie with a professional camera rather than a phone camera that's going to give you that edge.

Trust us on this one.

3) Utilize portrait mode

Speaking of phone cameras...

Have you tried portrait mode on your iPhone yet?

If you're shooting a selfie and you want it to look profresh, simply shoot in portrait mode. All the benefits of a professional headshot, but like, without the price tag.

4) Remove arms + hands

Please don't take this one literally, okay?

We're talking about removing your arms and hands from your selfie.

Sure, on occasion, if you're posting an Instagram pic that you want to look like a selfie, you'll have your arm in the shot.

Butttttt if you want selfie photography that looks more legit, angle yourself so your hands and arms aren't in the shot. While your followers will still likely be able to tell this is, in fact, a selfie, it gives the pic a more high-end feel.


5) No shame in your self-timer and tripod game

And hey, if no matter what you do your pic always ends up looking like a selfie, there's no harm in setting up your phone on a ledge and utilizing the self-timer mode.

If you want to get real fancy, invest in some sort of tripod situation and your selfie photography game will reach a whole new level of sophistication.

Snap away, Selfie Queens and Kings. You've got this.

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