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We get it, some days you want to channel your inner Beyonce with some #flawless sex appeal in your selfie, but other days, you simply want selfie ideas to help make you look pretty.

No cleavage, belfies, or crop tops required. Just you and that pretty face.

Sound good? Test out some of these pretty selfie ideas to look and feel your best next time you're snapping away.

1) Golden hour for the win

All you country gals out there know that there's a good reason why Kacey Musgraves has an entire song dedicated to the golden hour.

No denying it, that soft, golden light is the easiest pathway to the perfect, pretty selfie.

It makes your skin look great, you can play with shadows, and you just end up looking like a glowing, Greek Goddesss. What's not to love?



2) More flowers, please

The key to a pretty selfie? Make it feminine.

The number one symbol of femininity? Flowers.

Argue with me all you want, but by adding flowers to your selfie, you're instantly going to get that soft, feminine, pretty feel.

It's a science (fine, it's not, but it should be).


3) Backdrop counts. Don't forget that.

I might have to sear this into your brain because honestly, it amazes me how many of us forget this.

It's kind of hard to get that "pretty" selfie if you're taking a mirror selfie in an elevator. And oh, don't even get me started on what that pile of dirty laundry is doing for your Instagram feed.

To get that pretty selfie, consider not only what you look like, but also where you're shooting. It makes all the difference.

4) Confidence is key

Have you ever heard the saying that the prettiest girls are the happiest girls?

When you're done rolling your eyes at me, listen up, because it's true.

If you're rocking 10 pounds of makeup, hiding your face, or just otherwise looking uncomfortable in front of the camera, it's going to come across in your selfie—there's no way around it.

Next time you're trying to pull off a pretty selfie, wear the makeup that makes you feel the best, rock an outfit that feels like you, and like, maybe pick a day where you're in a half-decent mood.

A hangry, stressed-out, overworked version of you probably isn't going to get you the pretty selfie you're going for, right?

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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