Selfie Prop Ideas

Looking to spice up your Instagram feed with some creative selfie ideas? Check out our list of original selfie props, from ankle weights to hair scrunchies to power tools.

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Selfie ideas with props.

We could probably make this list a mile long considering the number of props you could hypothetically selfie with, but we're going to simplify things for you with some original selfie ideas using props.

Ready to boost that Instagram feed with something a little different? We've got your back.

1) Switch up the gym selfie

Yeah, yeah, we've all seen the standard gym selfie posing with the heaviest pair of weights you can find *yawn*.

But hey, why not try and switch it up by posing with some ankle weights?

Still fit, less obvious. You're welcome.


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2) Selfie with power tools

Whether you're embracing some serious contractor vibes or you're just rumaging around in a toolbox and want to snap a cute selfie, this is a fun selfie prop that's bound to earn you some double taps.

3) Selfie with hair scrunchies

Sure, one hair scrunchie isn't anything to write home about, but make it multiple hair scrunchies and we think this is a selfie idea worth taking note of.



4) Selfie with a face mask

Wait wait, a face mask certainly isn't very original in these pandemic times...

But hold up, we're not talking about the typical face mask that we've all become acustom to wearing day-in and day-out, we're talking about a skincare face mask.

Yup, worth a try.

5) Selfie with... your entire wardrobe

Maybe this isn't the most original selfie idea, but it seems to be a favorite pastime of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and we just couldn't resist adding it.

Whether it's your to-die-for shoes, your impressive lineup of dresses, or a drool-worthy handbag collection, taking a selfie in your closet gives you multiple props to pose with.



Truly, though, your options of items you can take a selfie with are endless. Your pup, a cup of coffee, a baby, your fav book, a glass of wine, a bouquet of flowers—go for something original or try something more standard. Either way, adding a prop to your selfie earns you some serious points in our books.

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