4 Selfie Challenge Ideas

selfie challenge ideas


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Okay, all you feisty, Type-A folks out there, we know you're never ones to turn down a challenge, which is why we're certain a selfie challenge is right up your alley.

That's right — a selfie challenge can bring some pep back into your Instagram.

Try out some of our favorite selfie ideas, or channel you inner influencer with a challenge all your own. Either way, testing yourself with a little selfie challenge can get you back on top of your IG game.

1) Makeup-free selfie challenge

You've seen influencers doing it, so why not you?

The perfect way to add that real-life feel to your Instagram, pick a day of the week and make it your makeup-free selfie day.

Not only does it bring some realness to your feed, but more and more people are looking to follow those who remove the filters and show off their true selves. Authenticity matters, y'all.

#filterfreefriday anyone?


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2) Selfie Everyday

Really looking to challenge yourself? Taking a selfie every day might be a fun new experiment.

We know, we know, you're no Kylie Jenner and taking a selfie every day might seem like a biiiiiiiiit much...


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But even if you just take a selfie for yourself and don't necessarily post it, having those pics to look back on can really shine a light on your progress.

A little indulgent selfie-taking never hurt anyone.

3) Find A Made-For-You Challenge

Let's be real, sometimes those creatives juices just ain't flowing but you still want to embrace the idea of a selfie challenge.

So, why not find one that's already done for you?

Plenty of creators in all different industries create their own selfie challenges to get their followers engaged. You just have to find the one that works for you.

They tell you how to take a selfie, you do it. Easy.

(And hey, if you're not up for finding an influencer, put those powerful Google skills to use and you'll find one in seconds.)

4) First Take Selfie

Wait, what?

Take a selfie and post the first one you take?

Um, is that even possible?

Yes, it absolutely is, and if you really want to embrace the idea of a selfie challenge, you've got to try this out.

Not only is it a serious challenge, it's also quite freeing.

Tell us: Which of these selfie challenges will you be embarking on?


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