Incredible Sky Backgrounds for Your Photos

Learn how to add a sunset or clouds background to any photo using Facetune. Customize your sky background with ease, and create stunning selfies that will impress all your followers.

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A man with a white shirt against a cloudy sky

Have you ever tried to take a cute selfie during golden hour and found that no matter what you do, the sky background in the photo just doesn't quite look like it does in real life? There is something about pictures of the sunset, clouds, moon, and sky that our phone cameras can't quite manage to capture. Which is annoying when you're longing to snap a pic of the stunning sky to share with the world.

But what if you could add a ready-made sunset or clouds background to any photo you've ever taken? No more saying that "it looked better in real life" or "you had to be there to appreciate it." Simply hop on your phone and play with nature!

You can now customize your own sky background by adding clouds to a blue sky for more detail, removing clouds for a pristine day, or giving your selfie a cute sunset backdrop. It's super easy and all at your fingertips ... if you know what to do!

Sky Background Before Facetune:

A man against a blue sky

Sky Background After Facetune:

A man with glasses against a magnificent sky

Here's how to add sky and clouds to the background of your selfie photos:

Step 1: Pick the photo that has a background you'd like to change and open it in Facetune.

Step 2: Play around with the photo, editing yourself until you are happy with the way you look. Don't worry about the background, we'll do that last. Don't edit the lighting or add a filter until after you've added the sky background or you'll end up looking like you're using a green screen!

Step 3: In the main menu, select the Backdrop function.

Step 4: Here, you can pick Backdrop again and you'll see a range of possible background patterns and images appear above the menu. Use your finger to slide across until you see three images of the sky together.

Bonus: If you want to have a different image of the sky, you can take a photo of the sky you want to use or find it online. Just make sure it’s in your camera roll. Then, when you are in the Backdrop menu, select Photo, and then pick the sky you prefer from your camera roll.

Step 5: Once you've chosen the sky you want, use the Adjust tools to make it look more natural. The Blend tool will let you soften the edges so it looks more realistic. Then use the Light and Shadow options to match the backdrop image to the foreground lighting.

Step 6: If you just want to add a few clouds or touch up the sky in some areas, use the Fix tool to erase the background images and make the original background visible again. This is especially useful if the sky only takes up part of your photo and you still want to see what is behind you.

Step 7: Make sure to click the checkmark to save your changes and then you can add filters and additional lighting to make it look even more natural.

The result is a warm sunset or stunning blue sky background every time — you never need to worry about the weather again. And if your phone can't capture the sunset the way you want, you can just add the sunset later. No one will know and everyone will be jealous that you managed to snap a selfie with such a cute background!

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