Mastering vintage and retro filters and effects with Facetune

Turn back time on your selfies with Facetune’s vintage magic. Retro vibes, no time machine needed!

Tally Moran
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Try on the best vintage filters on your photo
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Got a soft spot for the good old days? Facetune's got you covered with retro, vintage filters and effects that'll whisk your selfies back in time, no Delorean needed. From the golden hues of the '70s to the cool monochromes of the '50s, Facetune’s app is your one-stop shop for all things vintage. Let’s dive into how you can add a dash of nostalgia to your pics with just a few taps.

90s photo filters: The Analog effect

Missing those classic '90s vibes? Facetune's analog filters are like a time machine for your photos. They add a warm, slightly faded look that screams throwback Thursday any day of the week. Perfect for when you’re feeling that grunge era aesthetic or want to pretend you're in an old-school sitcom.

Vintage Photo Filter by Facetune

Vintage photo filters: for softer photos

For that authentic aged photo effect, hop over to Facetune’s vintage filter section. These photo filters wash your selfies in a sepia-toned glow or those distinctive pastel shades that’ll make your snaps look like they've been sitting in a photo album for decades. Ideal for your beach day shots or café hangs that could use a retro touch.

Capture the 1950s with Attitude photo filters

Channel the elegance and cool of the 1950s with Facetune's attitude filters. They’ll give your photos a classic Hollywood feel, perfect for when you’re all dolled up or suited and booted and ready for a night on the town—virtually, of course.

Grainy photo filters: Go retro

Nothing says old-school like a bit of grain. With Facetune, you can dial up the grain to add texture and a time-worn look to your photos. It’s great for adding character to night shots or making your sunset pics look like they were taken on a vintage camera.

Add the charm of Vignette effects

Wrap your selfies in shadows with the vignette effect for that mysterious, faded-edge look. It draws the eye to the center of the photo, making it a great choice for close-ups or when you want to highlight a smile or gaze.

Light Flare Effect Filter by Facetune

Light FX for an imperfect illusion

Light leaks, flares, and daze effects from our Light FX can turn an ordinary photo into a dreamy snapshot. These filters simulate the accidental exposure to light on old film cameras, offering a whimsical or ethereal quality that’s perfect for capturing moments of joy.

Black and white filters: the classic effect

For timeless elegance, go with the classic black and white filter from the photo editor. It’s perfect for adding drama to your photos or when you want that vintage film noir look. Whether it’s a modern-day street scene or a portrait, making images black and white never goes out of style.

Black & White Filter by Facetune

AI Selfies: Rustic, Old Mill, and beyond

Facetune's AI selfies feature takes the guesswork out of going vintage. With presets like Rustic and Old Mill, your selfies will look like they’ve been plucked straight out of the past. They’re ideal for experimenting with different eras or finding the perfect period look for your pic.

With Facetune, the past is never far away. The app’s plethora of old photo nostalgic filters and effects, and editing tools means you can capture the essence of bygone eras right on your phone. Whether you’re an e-commerce guru showcasing products in a new light, a selfie aficionado seeking to spice up your feed, or just in the mood to play dress-up with your digital wardrobe, Facetune offers a passport to the past. Start exploring, and give your selfies that timeless charm.

Tally Moran
Facetune's copywriter, always on the pulse of new trends, ensuring your selfies and content capture the spotlight with style and ease.

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