Zoom Job Interview: Clothing And Makeup Guide

Check out our clothing and makeup guide for Zoom job interviews, so you'll be able to dazzle your soon-to-be boss with your confidence and charm.

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You've followed our advice on taking a selfie so professional it'll jump-start your career and scored the interview of your dreams — now what?!

As long as you can remember to keep the cat filter turned off (unlike this unfortunate soul) preparing for your Zoom job interview is wayyyyy easier than preparing for an interview IRL. Still, just like the days of yore (like back in 2019), first impressions are everything in 2022. So here are some pro tips to help you look polished, profesh, and ultimately land the gig of your dreams.

  • Color - Things tend to get washed out over video calls, so as a rule, it’s best to stick with dark colors and solids. No need to be afraid of bright clothing if that's your thing, but think more along the lines softer hues and small pops of color. You want your interviewer to stay focused on you rather than your shirt's busy pattern.
  • Button-Ups - Button-up shirts are classic, go-to items that make nearly everyone look pulled-together. They pair nicely with your everyday jewelry, yet give you an elevated interview look when worn just right. Consider a detailed and shapely collar for some added flair. Or — to feel like you stepped out of a Vogue page — experiment with buttoning all the way up to the top button for a high-style take.
  • Blazers - Every working girl/guy needs a good blazer. From plaid, to fitted, to oversized, there’s def one out there to fit your personal style. Layer over your button-up or a solid tee with some gold jewelry, and you will be sure to impress. Check out this relaxed styling by @weworewhat.
  • Sweater - On your big day, you can’t go wrong with a pretty sweater. Details like puffed sleeves can give this look a little something extra and don’t be afraid to accessorize. A (not-too-over-the-top) statement necklace or simple pair of hoops will give your basic sweater a more dressed-up feel. See the look here.
  • Pants - Put on some damn pants! While not a requirement with video calls, the same way a lacy pair of underwear can put you in the mood, a pair of pants can give you a pulled-together and confident feeling during your interview.

Call it selfie makeup if you'd like. Zoom makeup is not something to neglect; as such here are 3 things to focus on:

  • Eyes - Beauty guru or not, it’s best to lean toward a natural makeup approach for job interviews. Bring understated attention to your eyes with some black mascara, and neutral eyeshadow tones. Up late preparing (er, um, something like that)? Eye drops will get rid of redness, so even if you don’t feel like it, you will look alert and ready to do business. More on eye makeup prep here.
  • Skin - One exception to the understated makeup rule is your blush. As mentioned, it’s easy to look washed out on screen so go for a shade darker than you normally would, and add some bronzer over your everyday concealer for healthy color and a defined jawline. For best results, open your Zoom set up and use the screen as a mirror beforehand. More on skin makeup prep here.
  • Lips - You can’t go wrong with neutrals, but honor your own style (in some cases, that bright red lipstick could work). Use your outfit as a guide: If you are wearing a bright blazer, tone down the lips with a neutral shade, and vice versa. More on lip makeup here.

Overall, you will want to balance representing who you are with the workplace culture. Dress as if you've already got the job to feel confident, and put your best foot forward while honoring your uniqueness.

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