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How to get super smooth skin with Facetune Video

by Team Facetune / February 23, 2021

We aren’t all blessed with super-smooth glass skin. It’s just a fact of life that some of us have acne scars, redness, pores, and undereye bags. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t pretend some of the time that we have skin like a doll. You know what they say; fake it until you make it.

Giving yourself super smooth skin in a video means that when you look back on a clip, you can focus on the memory rather than that stubborn pimple on your chin. A memory is for life, and you shouldn’t let a small imperfection ruin it. And also, if you’re having a great hair and makeup day, you should let something little stop you from sending a cute selfie to your crush. We all know how to edit ourselves in a photo, but did you even know you can smooth your skin and edit videos of yourself now with our selfie video editor?

Luckily, giving yourself that Hollywood glow is now easier than ever. And we’ve made this super simple step-by-step guide for smoothing out skin in videos so you can do it in a flash.

5 Steps to smooth our your skin in video:

Step 1

Take a super cute selfie and open it in Facetune Video. Select the size you want and then move to the editing page. 

open facetune video to smooth skin

Step 2

On the bottom bar, select Retouch

Step 3

Use the Smooth tool to remove any noticeable blemishes, scars, redness, or discoloration. The slider bar will let you increase the intensity. If you need some extra smoothness, select the Smoother tool. There are also Conceal and Touch Up tools to cover undereye circles and blemishes. This is a great way to brighten under your eyes and remove any bags or darkness. It’s an instant cup of caffeine and six hours of sleep in one swipe – Brilliant!

Step 4

Once you’re happy. Scroll across the bottom bar to use the Vibrance tool to give yourself a Hollywood style glow. 

give vibrant glow to skin with facetune video app

Step 5

Click the tick in the top right corner to save your work. And return to the editing home screen. Here you can watch the whole video to make sure it looks perfect. 

Remember, having perfect skin isn’t the most important thing in the world. But if you are feeling a bit self-conscious and want to take your selfie to the next level, don’t be afraid to play around with editing. Just remember to take a step back and check how much editing you’ve done, or you might end up looking like Barbie or Ken!

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