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No Makeup Selfie Hashtags

by Andrea Spanik / July 4, 2021

So you know that whole “I woke up like this” bare-faced beauty look that is so popular on Instagram right now?

Well, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Glowing skin, brushed up brows, pink lips, and that barely-there mascara look—yup, that’s all the rage in the makeup world.

But hey, for those of you who don’t even need blush and bronzer (lucky you), maybe you’re looking for true no-makeup selfie hashtags.

Whatever the case, whether you’re faking it until you make it or you really do have those Beyonce genes where you woke up looking that good, no makeup selfie hashtags are always good to have in your back pocket.

Next time you’re posting your no-makeup selfie, try out some of these selfie hashtags:

1) #nomakeup #nomakeupselfie

Hey, if you’re brave enough to post your no-makeup selfie on Instagram, shout it from the rooftop, girlfriend.


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This is an easy, self-explanatory selfie hashtag that will let everyone know that you truly did wake up looking that good.

2) #nofilter

Wait, no makeup, and no filter? What are you some type of superhuman?

If this is you, don’t forget to put your bragging rights to use with this little hashtag. All the power to you.

3) #nomakeupnofilter

And hey, when in doubt just combine the no makeup and the no filter hashtag into one to highlight that A+ skin.

4) #natural #naturalbeauty #beautiful

I mean, maybe you feel a little silly using #beautiful on yourself, but hey, if you want those likes to start rolling in, this hashtag has been used over 740 MILLION times, sooooo maybe any embarrassment you have about calling yourself beautiful should take a back seat here.

5) #nomakeupmakeup

Remember how we started out by saying there’s that whole barely-there makeup look that’s so popular right now? Well, if you fall into this camp, this is where you’re going to want to use the “no makeup makeup” look hashtag.

Yeah, it sounds kind of ridiculous, but trust us, in the makeup world, this is an actual makeup look that people strive to create.

And hey, if you want to post your natural selfie with a little makeup on, no shame. Do you.

6) #nomakeupday #nomakeupkindofday

Because sometimes you just don’t feel like spending your time in the mirror, but the lighting hits you juuuuuuust right, and you’re given the perfect chance to post our no-makeup selfie.

A day where you’re feeling yourself enough to post a no-makeup selfie is nothing to complain about.

7) #nomakeupchallenge

Used over 95 million times, this is a challenge that clearly people are up for. Join the crowd and post your no-makeup selfie. No doubt it’s going to get plenty of likes from all the other ladies out there who have joined the challenge with you.

Challenge accepted?

8) #nomakeupneeded

Be proud of those genetics, girl.

9) #nomakeupmonday

There’s a day of the week that’s specifically for no makeup?

Oh yeah, and we’re starting off the week bare-faced and proud of it. Who’s down?

(and hey, if Monday isn’t really your day for a no-makeup selfie, there’s always #nomakeupsunday too)

10) #nomakeupdontcare

Let’s be honest with ourselves here: Not every day that we want to post a no-makeup selfie is going to be our best day.

Maybe you want to make a point with your selfie by showing your natural skin—blemishes and all. Or perhaps you just want to show off that you don’t always need 20 pounds of mascara on to have stunning eyes.

Whatever the case, we love this hashtag for bringing a little sass into your no-makeup selfie.

11) #nomakeupmovement

Speaking on that note above, there are plenty of women who want to show off how beautiful they look without makeup, even on days where their skin might not be at its best.

If feeling beautiful in your skin is a cause that you’re passionate about, we suggest this hashtag.


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12) #nomakeupnoproblem

Because yeah, you know you look good.

13) #nomakeupgang

There’s a whole gang of ladies who are into the whole no-makeup look? Oh yeah, for sure there is. Get in with this group by using this hashtag.

14)  #nomakeupgirl

Are you that girl? You ‘betcha are. No shame in your no makeup game. Who’s with us on this one? Would you ever post a no-makeup selfie on Instagram?

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