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Sending A Sexy Selfie? First, Consider This.

by Team Facetune / May 2, 2020

If you’re on any sort of dating app, you’ll know that NSFW pics are everywhere. It’d be hard to find a single (double meaning, get it?) person who hasn’t been sent at least one in the last few years – willingly or not. And it’s fair to say that women respond with their fair share of sexy selfies. I mean, how else is your fancy lingerie going to get some love during lockdown?

Now the likes of Kim K, Lizzo, Channing Tatum, or well, most celebs, have made it acceptable to pose in very little clothing for Instagram, so we don’t really think that much of snapping a revealing pic and DMing it to someone. #sendnudes. You do you – we’re all feeling confident in your body and your photos, if you’re thinking of stripping down and getting your photoshoot on, here’s what you should consider.

Why You Should Def Send Sexy Selfies

Taking provocative photos might make YOU feel good. Even if you don’t plan to send them to anyone else, having shots of yourself looking smoking hot is a great confidence boost. Look back on them when you’re having a crappy, gonna-need-a-strong-one-after-this kind of day and remind yourself just how sexy you are. And we stan a confident queen, or king.

Even though the photos can make you feel more confident in your body, taking them can be daunting. Spending time learning how to take a good selfie by working out your best angles and and learning to love the bits you might not be thrilled with is part of the process. Looking at yourself through a camera lens is a great way to explore a new relationship with your body. I bet you that the camera doesn’t see half of the flaws you think you do. 

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Spice up your relationship and build intimacy. Sending a few flirty pics, getting someone’s heart racing, knowing that you’re on their mind is such a fun way to enhance your relationship. During times when you can’t be together, a little bit of teasing never hurt anybody. Just be prepared for the sexual tension, it might cause some serious frustration!

Plus, if you can deal with the hindered gratification, then exchanging seductive snaps is a great way to build trust and intimacy. If you’re both confident and happy to exchange photos, then get your flirt on. Bonus? Photos can be taken anytime, but you can send a sexy pic later on, when you’re actually lying in bed with a coffee-stained t-shirt and greasy hair. Bottom line, if you want to let your partner know how much you miss them, or exactly what you’re thinking about but don’t have the words, a quick snap of some side-boob, of that bulge in your pants might be a way to get the message across.

Why Sending Sexy Pics Is A Terrible Idea

So, now you know why you should get your sexy selfie on. But before you press send, take a second to consider the following: 

How happy would you be with your boss seeing that photo? Or Dad? How about Grandma? You may only send the photo to one person, but there is a slight chance it could end up online or in a group chat. It’s happened before, so unless you are Kim K and a sexy slip would actually kick-start your career, take a second to think about what would happen if the photos got leaked – intentionally or not. Internet search lasts forever. I know this for a fact, because there’s an embarrassing overly-emo tumblr post I wrote in eight grade that still comes up when you google my full name.

Hacking, revenge porn and cyberbullying exists, if you really want to get into it. That means that there’s potential for some really big consequences. Generally, people only care about celeb selfies and leaked nudes so unless you’ve got 15 million insta followers, you are probably okay. 

Now, think about the person on the receiving end of that selfie. There’s nothing worse than an unsolicited d*ck pic, am I right ladies? Don’t go sending your photos to someone who doesn’t want them, or appreciate them, or someone you don’t trust that might hurt your feelings. You might know you look fit but if they don’t wanna know, it’s their loss. Leave it at that. If they really aren’t into that kinda of thing, you could scare them off or end up as a joke in the group chat. 

Finally, the most important reason to not send a sexy selfie is because you just don’t want to. Sending a private photo is your own damn business. Nothing and no one should persuade you to send it if it just doesn’t sit right with you. That random dude asking for nudes shouldn’t change your mind, nor should the chick sending a thousand winking emojis, or your friends, who claim it’s no big deal and send them every monday, thursday, and saturday.

Famous Last Words

If you’re new to the world of sending nudes, sexting and sexy selfies then we’d recommend taking a few shots so you can see how comfortable you are. Don’t worry, everyone feels a little weird to start off. And of course, everyone manages to catch some truly awful looking photos of themselves along with some super attractive ones. Nothing like the high of realizing how great your ass looks in a photo to realize that you’ve got six chins and you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

If you’re going to go for it, here’s some quick advice to get a fit photo, not a flop. First, get the lighting right. Second, if you’re going for a mirror selfie, check the background for trash and weird objects, yesterday’s pizza box with one last congealed slice just ruins the vibe. Thirdly, take your time, you can’t rush perfection. And finally … Hit. That. Pose.