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Wrinkle Remover: How to Remove Wrinkles in Photos and Selfies

by Emily Derrick / October 12, 2021

Botox has gone from something that only super-wealthy celebs did in secret to something that almost everyone thinks about at some point.

Loads of people (men and women) are getting what’s called “baby Botox.” It’s basically the lite version of Botox, providing just a few touch-ups here and there to smooth out those fine lines and maintain that youthful glow. Nothing too excessive.

It’s really popular because it can make people look amazing and not overly artificial or plastic. Folks can even move their eyebrows after getting it done! Of course, this means that people who look 20 are probably 30. And anyone who is actually over 20 and hasn’t had work done looks about 90. It’s a harsh world.

The cruel reality is that although Botox is so much better now, the price tag isn’t. And you can’t just save up and get it once. You need to keep getting treatments. For some of us, we just don’t have the cash or motivation to get it.

So, what do you do if you don’t want to look like your grandma before your 30th birthday and don’t have several thousand dollars to spare? Answer: Get Facetune. Seriously.

Your Selfies have never looked so good.
Install Facetune2 Now!

These days, selfie editing apps can smooth over wrinkles, iron out fine lines, and brush over blemishes in photos without making you look like you’re wearing a weird Barbie mask.

Facetune2 features new technology that allows you to easily make these edits. The best part? If you overdo it, all you need to do is press the undo button! No over-injections or health risks, just a perfect, smooth face — every time.

Before Facetune2:

how to remove fine lines and wrinkles from photos using Facetune

After Facetune2:

how to remove fine lines and wrinkles from photos using Facetune

No matter how ancient you look, here’s what to do.

1)     Select the photo you want to edit and open it in Factune2.

2)     In the bottom menu bar, select the first Retouch option.

3)     If you want a subtle, natural change, use the magic wand feature to automatically edit your selfie. If you want a slightly more refined look, head to the Smooth option. Use your finger to swipe over any area you want to improve. If it’s a difficult area to access (crows’ feet, anyone?), zoom into the area for a more accurate touch.

4)     Use the sliding bar to increase the intensity of the app’s magic.

5)     For an even more perfect look, select the Smoother function. This will allow you to smooth over even the deepest lines and toughest wrinkles and frown lines.

Bonus: If your selfie was taken in bad lighting, some wrinkles can leave shadows and discoloration. To remove these, stay in the Retouch menu and select the Heal tool. Sweep your finger over the slightly darker area and watch as it magically disappears.

No matter how bad the selfie is, it’s easy to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles. If you can’t afford Botox or you’re scared of needles, smoothing out your selfies is the next best option!

A few touch-ups can help you look like you — but on a good day. And every day can be a good day!

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