Exploring the 2024 makeup trends: What's next in beauty

Dive into the vibrant future of 2024's makeup trends, where colors pop, glitter reigns supreme, and bold lips make their statement!

Anahi Raveh
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Facetune's take on 2024 makeup trends
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It feels as though winter has stretched on forever with each rare sunny day teasing us to reach for that cute little spring dress—though trust me, it's still not warm enough (believe me, I've tried, lol). 

Luckily, in the beauty realm, this is the perfect time to channel spring's colorful trends, making it an exciting period for the future of makeup and experimenting without the discomfort of hot, humid days. (You might call it sweat; I call it a natural highlighter). 

So, what's currently on our feeds and mood boards for makeup looks for spring?

Dopamine dressing (your eyes): Cue the COLORS!

Bright, colorful pops of color are set to continue as a trend especially in the spring and summer. The bright reds that warmed us this winter will soon be joined by cooler blue hues, ranging from deep midnight blue to icy baby blue, offering a refreshing contrast. Adding to this vibrant color palette, I predict a mix of both warmer and cooler shades, including tangerine orange (the spring-summer heir to red) and a vivid pink, creating a full, versatile palette.

These new colors will enhance the bright reds, creating a seamless, colorful transition.

Dive into the “Discover” feed to scroll through the most stunning, colorful presets for a virtual makeup try on.

Vibrant makeup trends featuring icy baby blue hues

Glitter gods: Glitter is queen, glitter is key

As any five-year old will tell you: everything looks better with glitter. To makeup, glitter is like sprinkles on a birthday cake: it just makes everything more festive and FUN. After the gray weather of winter, we're all ready for this shift to "main character" energy. Start with a glitter eyeshadow look, move on to lipstick for the intermediate, and try eyeliner if you're a pro (or simply adventurous).

My inspiration for glitter makeup comes from the brilliant Donni Davy, owner of Half Magic and the award-winning makeup artist behind Euphoria. From eyes to lips and blush, she plays it up in bold, unapologetic ways that are truly inspiring for 2024 makeup. It’s always smart to test and try digitally if you don’t have glitter on hand or if you’re worried about it getting EVERYWHERE, thanks to the advancements of AI makeup.

I predict these shades will be the main glitter colors for 2024 makeup looks: Champagne, Dreamy Pink, Metallic Silver, Aquatic blue.

Captivating glitter makeup look

Burgundy lips: A bold statement

Gucci dubbed it the new Ancora, and Black Honey has made its comeback for a while now but we just can’t get enough of that rich color that elevates any look, marking a key trend in 2024 lipstick trends.

The deep red almost brown color is giving us that rich luxury meeting a little bit of a playful grunge.

If worn in a glossy finish (for a bold super confident statement ) , lined and paired with a lighter pink shade or Sheer for a more subtle everyday use, it always gets you that expensive look without breaking the bank. 

P.S. - Pair it with chocolate or tan brown accessories, like a belt or corduroy, or even a simple top for an effortlessly luxurious look (as seen on the MiuMiu runway). 

Experiment with burgundy lips through digital makeup presets for a complete look, or use “Paint” to customize it to your vision.

Bold burgundy lips makeup

Smokey black eyes ver. 24

This is definitely a surprising trend. Just when I thought we’d say goodbye to smokey dark eyeshadows with the arrival of spring, the Office Siren trend has made me think otherwise. I think it's because black embodies timeless elegance and adds a touch of sexiness to whatever it touches. And let's be honest, we all have that friend who always wears black—and it suits them so well!

As for the runway looks, we can see that Black smokey eyes are receiving an update, whether through the addition of glitter or a thicker, exaggerated cat-eye line. Black, messy eyelids that steal the show are here to stay, complementing the Mob-Wife aesthetic and Office Siren trends that began on TikTok before making their way to the major runways.

Not sure what style of black makeup suits you best? Not keen on looking like a panda bear? 

Experiment first with these makeup presets, from a subtle cat-eye to a smoldering smokey eyeshadow. Try before you buy, that’s my motto.

P.S. - We’ve heard that black lips are also gaining popularity. Would you give them a try?! 

Sultry smokey black eyes makeup

Anahi Raveh
A creative marketing designer and digital creator constantly seeks out new expressions of beauty and style.

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