28 Best 23rd Birthday Captions to Be Seen on Instagram

Struggling with getting likes on your Instagram posts? It might not be the image but your caption. Learn how crafting a compelling caption can make all the difference. Check out these quick and sassy 23rd birthday captions for Instagram.

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23rd birthday captions for Instagram

Don't you just hate it when you click "Publish" on an Instagram post and all you hear is the sound of crickets?

There are no likes, no comments, no shares ... nothing.

And good golly, isn't this frustrating when you've put time and energy into crafting the perfect post (whether it's a 23rd birthday selfie image with caption or a montage video)?

If this sounds all too familiar to you, not to worry — I've got a secret. Come a little closer (and let me whisper in your ear).

It's not all about the image that you post on socials. Your caption is just as important. In fact, crafting a compelling caption can be the difference between a post that performs well and a post that completely flops.

Are you about to turn 23? Good news! I've come up with the perfect 23rd birthday captions for you so you can stop hearing crickets and start seeing results when you upload your next Insta post.


Sound good? Great — let's get to it, then.

Quick and Simple 23rd Birthday Captions for Instagram

These 23rd birthday Instagram captions are ideal for those posts where you want to keep your message short and sweet.

  • Here's to being 23.
  • I guess it's time for chapter 23.
  • Cheers to 23 years.
  • 23 and loving me.
  • 23 down and many more to go!
  • 23 — I'm so ready!
  • Season 23.
  • Level 23.
  • 23rd rotation around the sun.



Witty and Sassy 23rd Birthday Captions for Instagram

If you want to create a post with a funny or sassy message, these 23rd birthday captions are for you.

  • A 23rd birthday done right…
  • 23 never looked so good.
  • I can't keep calm — it's my 23rd birthday!
  • If I've learned anything in my 23 years on earth, it's that it's okay to lie about your age.
  • Twenty-three years of complete awesomeness.
  • So this is what 23 feels like…
  • Nobody likes you when you're 23.
  • Hey Siri, play "23" by Miley Cyrus.
  • In my 23s, having a Jordan moment.



Non-Numeric Birthday Captions for Instagram

What about those posts where you don't want to refer to being 23? No problem — I've got those covered, too!

  • Just here for the cake.
  • Don't worry if you can't make it to my birthday, I accept gifts all year long.
  • One year older, one year wiser.
  • Sassy since birth.
  • I am not older — I'm just cooler.
  • Same time next year?
  • It’s not the years that count, it’s the memories you make over those years.
  • Blessed to see another year.
  • My age may have changed, but my lust for life never will.
  • Born to shine, especially today.


Want More Engagement? Get Hashtagging

When all's said and done, these 23rd birthday captions for Instagram will attract attention and well-wishes. However, you can maximize this engagement even more by including hashtags at the end of your caption.

Just be sure to choose the hashtags that are popular and relevant (I'm talking about those hashtags with more than 50,000 uses and less than 500,000, specifically).

You could even publish the post on other platforms, such as TikTok or Twitter, for more traction.

You've got this, birthday bud!

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