Best 30th birthday captions and quotes for Instagram

Celebrate the big 3-0 with our top Instagram captions & quotes. Find your perfect match!

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30th Birthday Captions & Quotes for Instagram
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So, you're about to hit the big 3-0 and say a cheeky 'thank u, next' to your twenties. Jenna Rink wanted to be “thirty, flirty, and thriving” for a reason, and that’s the vibe we’re channeling. It’s not just another birthday; it’s the official welcome party to your prime years. And guess what? We're here to make sure your entry into this fabulous decade is nothing short of legendary. Dive into our treasure trove of snappy, clever, and downright fun 30th birthday captions and quotes. Time to make those likes pour in like confetti on your birthday bash!

30th Birthday Instagram Captions by Facetune

30th birthday captions & quotes for yourself

Celebrating your own milestone? It's time to shout about entering your fabulous 30s with style. Here are some captions to kickstart your birthday bash on social media:

  • This is 30.
  • Serving cakes and looks.
  • Time to see what 30 is all about.
  • Here’s to 30 laps around the sun.
  • Here’s to the next chapter.
  • Season 30, episode 1.
  • Dear 30s, I’m ready for you.
  • On a scale of 1-10, feeling a solid 30.

30th birthday wishes for a best friend

Your bestie deserves a birthday shoutout that's as amazing as they are. Capture your friendship with these heartfelt and humorous captions:

  • Not everyone looks this good at 30.
  • Keep calm, you’re 30 now.
  • 30 and aging like fine wine.
  • Bestie is serving cake and looks too.
  • Welcome to the dirty club!
  • 30 looks good on you!
  • You’re officially a grown ass woman/man now!
  • Look at you, turning 30 and sh*t.
30th Birthday Wishes for a Best Friend

30th birthday shoutouts for your partner

Show the love of your life how much they mean to you as they step into their 30s with these romantic and witty captions:

  • 30 looks good on you, but then again, so does everything else.
  • Here's to celebrating you today and every day. Happy 30th, my love.
  • Aging like fine wine. Happy 30th to my better half.
  • Pop the champagne because this girl/boy is turning 30!
  • Growing and glowing, happy 30th.
  • Helping this one ring in 30.
  • From the roaring twenties to the dirty thirties. Happy birthday, baby.
  • Cheers to you on your 30th! Looking at you I get what they mean by 30 is the new 20.

Clever & catchy 30th birthday one-liners 

Embrace the "Dirty 30s" with these clever and catchy captions that are sure to grab attention:

  • Dirty 30 and thriving.
  • 30? More like Thrive-ty.
  • Welcome to the flirty 30s club.
  • Unlock level 30.
  • Celebrating my third decade on this planet.
  • Thirty is an attitude.
  • Chapter 30, page 1.
  • Straight outta the twenties.

Inspirational life begins at 30 quotes

Mark this new chapter with some inspiration. These captions remind us that life's just getting started:

  • 30 is just the beginning of something beautiful.
  • Here's to the next decade of dreams and adventures.
  • Life begins at 30. The rest was just practice.
  • The best is yet to come.
  • Today marks the first day of my next decade.
  • 30, and exactly where I'm meant to be.
  • Finally 30 and moving upward.
  • Officially out of my twenties and starting a new decade of adventures.
Inspirational 30th Birthday Taglines

Funniest 30th birthday captions for Instagram

Keep it light and funny with these hilarious captions for anyone celebrating their 30th:

  • I'm not 30. I'm 18 with 12 years of experience.
  • 30? I demand a recount!
  • Welcome to the age when you get excited about canceled plans.
  • Talk thirty to me.
  • To my 20’s: ‘Thank u, next.’
  • I regret to inform you all that my twenties have expired.
  • Felt welcome on the other side.
  • Age and glasses of wine should never be counted.

Hashtags for 30th birthday posts

Don't forget to hashtag your 30th birthday Instagram caption to maximize visibility. Here are some ideas, along with a quick hashtag guide:

  • Use 5-10 hashtags for optimal engagement.
  • Consider #30th, #30thbirthday, #dirtythirty, #birthdayvibes, #flirtythirty, for your celebratory post.
  • Add hashtags at the end of your caption or in the first comment to keep your post tidy.

Alright, party people – it’s showtime! Turning 30 is your cue to step into the spotlight with a bang, and what better way to do it than with an Instagram caption that’s as bold and brilliant as you are? We’ve provided you with everything you need to craft the perfect 30th birthday Instagram caption, quote, saying, or tagline. So, grab your favorite, hit that post button, and let the world know: your 30s are going to be your best decade yet!

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