Serious Selfie Captions

Whether it be a dedication to someone you love, an inspirational quote, or a post about a social cause that you care about, these serious selfie caption ideas will stand out for their sincerity.

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Why so serious?

Sorry, I legit couldn’t open up this post on serious selfie captions any other way, but let me just quickly ask you: Did you hear Pink or think of the Joker with that line?

Anyway, back to selfie captions. If you’re desperately seeking a serious selfie caption, I’ve got a few ideas for you.

While I think serious selfie captions tend to be a bit more personal depending on what you consider "serious," I hope some of these ideas inspire your more serious side (yup, I know you have one).

Social Issues (Be Authentic!)

Ugh, gag me, sometimes I can’t stand the word authentic, but in this case, in a world where everyone has an opinion about everything, only opening up about issues that truly matter to you is more important than ever. It sounds cheesy, but speak from your heart, tell people why they should care, and/or how they can make a difference, and your serious selfie caption will inspire all those likes.

Dedication Captions

Whether it be someone you admire, love, or relate to, there are plenty of instances where a dedication Instagram selfie will have to take on a more serious tone. In these cases, touch on the aspects of the person's personality that are most important to you. You may even dedicate an Instagram caption to someone who has passed. Feel free to mention a funny instance or lighthearted moment, but remember, this isn’t a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Keep it appropriate, kay?

Before and After Captions

Have you undergone a dramatic transformation? No, I’m not talking about the obligatory "glow up" that every girl goes through after the age of 13. I'm talking about a mental, spiritual, life transformation. Show a side-by-side selfie, describing your transformation to your followers. People love a good pull-yourself-up-by-the bootstraps story.

Serious Quotes Never Fail

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes being serious on Instagram can feel a bit outside of my comfort zone. You too? In these cases, I highly recommend using someone else’s word. No, no, not plagiarism. I’m talking about a quote. Whether it be song lyrics, a poem, or a quote from a movie or book, quotes are a great way to add a serious edge to your IG feed.

A Final Note About Serious Selfie Captions

Serious selfie captions require a bit more meat to them than the standard "felt cute might delete later." While I can’t tell you exactly what to say when you’re trying to be serious, I can tell you that if you’re passionate about what you say, people will see that more serious side shining through.

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