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You can use so many poses for a selfie, so why do you always fall into the trap of using the same ones? So many people still do the same poses, and it gets a bit stale. Our timelines have been rammed with duck faces, over the shoulder smolders, and low-angle shots that seeing something else would be refreshing.

1) Bath bomb selfie

If you really want to shake up your selfie game, why not take a bath selfie? Drop a fantastic color bath bomb; black or bright pink look amazing. Dim the lights, add candles for a soft glow, and take a selfie of your face emerging from the supernatural water. You'll end up with a genuinely magical selfie.

2) Jumping

Nailing a selfie in mid-air is tough but can look epic. Not only will it do crazy things to your hair (you might have to take several before you end up with crazy-cute, not crazy-weird), but the movement will look really interesting. Try jumping up with your feet to the side in a kick or tucking your feet in. Either way, take the photo from slightly above to show your feet off the ground.

3) Hands in shot

Generally, with selfies, we don't like to see the hands taking the picture. We turn our hands into claws and get a cramp to keep them out of shot. However, keeping them in the image can be a great framing technique that draws the eye in. Crouch down and hold the phone lower than your face for a fun, creative shot.

A flattering selfie pose

4) Play with the light

Shadows are an awesome way to get really creative with your selfies. You can use striped blinds, reflective CDs, even a kitchen colander can make some amazing shadows. Keep the rest of the selfie simple and focused on your face to let the light take center stage. If you don’t fancy playing around with kitchen utensils, you can also add some light effects after you’ve taken the photo.

A flattering selfie pose

Caught the creative bug? No problem! We have some more reading if you want to push the creativity of your selfies:

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

Create AI Avatars

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