Selfie poses for guys

Our guide has the best selfie poses for guys from chilling at home to outdoor selfies.

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Guide for the best selfie poses for guys

Gentleman, do you want to up your selfie game? Tired of taking average selfies that get 12 likes on Instagram and a comment from your mom on Facebook? If you've got a face and a phone, and a desire for the best selfie pose, you've got everything you need to take a great selfie. You just need to know what to do, and luckily for you, we've got the best selfie poses for guys to make sure your selfies are the envy of all your buddies (and enemies, for that matter).

1) Straight-on

It might sound simple, but if you just want a photo of your face, you should hold your phone directly in front of you, slightly above your eye line, and look straight into the lens.

This is super engaging as it looks like you're making eye contact. Just be sure that you hold your phone far enough away to get your neck and parts of your shoulders in so you don't look out of proportion. Simple but effective.



2) Pet selfie

Did you know that men are considered more attractive when they have a dog in their selfies? We like this selfie pose for guys because a) dogs are adorable and b) it changes up the subject matter in your feed to show more aspects of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a cat, dog, llama, goldfish, or goat: A pet is always great for selfies. It’s a playful pose, and not all the focus is on you, so if you’re new to selfies and feeling a little awkward, co-starring with a furry friend is perfect.

3) Mirrors and muscles

Ah, the topless selfie, a favorite with men (and swooning women) everywhere. But gone are the days of tensed abs with your head cut out of the shot. You’re the whole package, so if you’re taking a mirror selfie with your top off, make sure you stand far enough back to get your head in.

Leaning slightly back will make it easier to tense your abs, and holding your phone toward the middle of your chest means a perfect bicep curl. Top it off with a smile for a killer combo.

More tips on mirror selfie poses for guys

Hey, we get it: Mirror selfies look really cool, but you’ve got to hit your pose just right to take a great pic. Follow these quick tips to do a better mirror selfie pose:

  • Check your lighting: You’re probs taking a selfie in your bathroom, right? No shame there, but sometimes the fluorescent lights in your bathroom aren’t that great. Open a window, open the blinds, or use a ring light to perfect your lighting.
  • Do something with your hands: Put your hands on your hip, rest them on the counter, or brush your fingers through your hair. It doesn’t have to be over the top; subtly putting your hands to work will elevate your selfie for little effort.
  • Figure out how to hold your phone: Mirror selfies will show you holding your phone for the pic. No biggie, but make sure you hold your phone in a way that it doesn’t cover up your face. People want to see your gorgeous smile, so hold your phone up and slightly to the side.
  • Try Burst mode: Burst mode snaps 10 pics in a second. This is really helpful if you want to try several poses in quick succession. Plus, if you accidentally blink, you don’t have to take the selfie again!
  • Find other mirrors: Mirrors are everywhere! Your car’s rearview mirror is perfect for selfies. Why not snap a quick pic when you’re in an elevator with mirrors? Look for interesting reflective surfaces to snap more interesting mirror selfies while you’re on the go.

4) Hand on face

If you want to add something a little different, try using your hand to touch your face. This makes the photo a little more interesting to look at. You could pretend to stroke your beard, shade your eyes from the sun, or rub your temples. Not only can you use your hand to hide any unwanted blemishes, you'll also feel more relaxed with both hands doing something rather than leaving one by your side.

5) Chillin' at home

Taking a selfie from the comfort of your own home is the perfect time to look a little more relaxed. Try sitting somewhere unusual, like on a kitchen counter or leaning on the stairs. Make sure you get some of the background in the frame. Feeling relaxed and comfortable in your own home will give you a chilled, easy smile. If you want to hold something in your hand, you could try a glass of water, a TV remote, or even a plate of food. This looks natural and not like you're trying too hard.

6) Morning selfie

#IWokeUpLikeThis isn’t just for ladies. Rock your bedhead in a cute selfie where you give bedroom eyes to the camera. But keep things as natural as possible. It’s okay to have messy sheets and pillows here — you don’t want it to look manufactured or fake. Try yawning, cozying up with a pillow, or sitting up in bed with a cup of coffee.



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7) The great outdoors

Whether you’re hitting the trails with your buddies or your dog, seize the opportunity to take a prime selfie. Outdoor lighting is pretty flattering and natural backgrounds are always a hit on Insta.

If the sun is too bright in your eyes, move to a shaded area beneath a tree. You can also try throwing on a pair of sunglasses if your eyes are squinting from the light. If the photo is overexposed from the natural light, use Facetune filters to breathe more life back into the selfie before you post it.

8) Get a little goofy

Here’s a dirty secret: Guys think they have to be neutral or serious in their selfies. But you smile and laugh IRL, don’t you? Show that with a selfie!

Your followers want to see you smile. You can even get playful and stick out your tongue or give a little wink. You only live once, so try a goofy selfie pose from time to time.

9) Take a selfie with the sky

When you feel like snapping a selfie but aren’t loving the background, you can use the sky as your backdrop. This selfie pose for guys is perfect on cloudy days to give more texture to your pic. If clouds aren’t an option, angle the camera to capture the branches or leaves of a tree in your selfie. This cuts out buildings or any other features that you don’t want in your selfie.

The tricky thing about this selfie pose is that it requires you to look down, which can lead to the dreaded double chin. Keep your face smooth by jutting out your chin slightly and arching your neck.

10) Two-handed selfie

Most people try to snap a selfie without showing their arm in the frame, but now’s the time to rebel! A two-handed selfie gives your photo a more playful, laid-back vibe. That’s because your arms serve as a natural frame for your face.

We also like this selfie pose because it’s perfect for beginners. If you have a bigger phone and are having a tough time clicking the shutter button without dropping your phone, try using two hands. Just make sure you don’t block the lens with your finger!

Bonus tips for guys’ selfies

Still jonesing for some selfie tips? If you’ve got your poses nailed down, you can take even better selfies with these bonus tips for guys’ selfies:

  • Stage your selfie in a cool setting: Your followers want fresh updates from you in their feed. Get out of your apartment and try snapping selfies in a different location. Go to the beach, a nightclub, the zoo, or a museum — your town is full of cool destinations that will be the perfect backdrop for your selfies.
  • Add a little makeup (it’ll be our secret): Yes, dudes wear makeup! If you’re using a ring light to jazz up your selfie, we guarantee some of its settings will make you look washed out. A little concealer, foundation, bronzer, or even some light brown eyeliner will make your selfie pop. Plus, it’ll make all the ladies in your feed think, “How is his skin so buttery smooth???”
  • Edit your selfies before posting: Kudos to you if your selfie looks awesome on the first try. But whether you want to change your background, adjust the lighting, or swipe away a few wrinkles or blemishes, it’s a good idea to edit your pic before posting. A selfie editor app like Facetune makes it a cinch to perfect your selfies before uploading them to your feed.
  • Wear something colorful: Black and navy are "dude colors," but c’mon, they’re boring! Stand out and strut your stuff with more vibrant colors like orange, yellow, or red. Trust us, your followers will appreciate seeing a pop of color on their feeds.

The bottom line for boy selfie poses:

Most selfie poses cater to the ladies, but selfie-obsessed boys should join the party, too. Instead of posting the same photo day after day, try these 10 selfie poses for boys to inject more personality into your feed.

Use a selfie editor app like Facetune to add fun filters, patch over skin imperfections, and fine-tune your selfie game to dominate your friends’ feeds.

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