Did They Or Didn’t They? How To Tell If Someone Used Facetune2

Learn how to spot if someone used Facetune on their selfie! Check for flawless skin, perfect makeup, cool effects, and suspicious backgrounds.

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Have you ever looked at someone’s photo and thought, “Whoa! They look amazing!” — but on closer inspection, you realize that their skin looks Barbie-doll-smooth and there isn’t a hair out of place on their head?

Sure, "maybe she’s born with it," but chances are good that your pal is using a fun selfie editor app like Facetune to live their best life on social media.

And why not? Social media is supposed to be fun! If you want to zap away a mole or change your background before showing off your personality on Instagram, we say go for it.

There’s no denying that photo editing apps are a must-have for anyone who takes their selfie game seriously. Even celebs love to play around with their look. Just ask Khloe!

Everybody wants to look their best online. If you see a selfie that’s perhaps a little too nice-looking and want to know if it’s really due to their $80 foundation or a selfie editor app, here are four ways to tell if someone used Facetune.

1 - Their skin is F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S

Unless you’re part of the 1% of the population who truly has naturally airbrushed skin (we’re jelly of you if so), you can’t get the airbrushed look without actual airbrushing or a selfie editor app.

Even your friends with awesome skin will have natural imperfections like moles, pores, wrinkles, and scars. That’s what makes us human!

If your Instagram pal has smooth, even skin without so much as a blemish or bags under their eyes, it probably isn’t because of a $300 celebrity face cream: It’s probably Facetune!

2 - They have great makeup but they can barely hold a brush IRL

Facetune is great for people who want their makeup to be on point for every selfie. You can use the app to add blush, eyeliner, lip color, glitter, and more with just a tap.

If your klutzy friend who can’t put eyeliner on straight is suddenly rocking the cat-eye eyeliner, they might be using Facetune.

You can customize your look, too, so if you hate wasting money on pricey makeup products, you can get pouty lips, voluminous lashes, and thicker eyebrows with this selfie editor app.

3 - The effects are really cool

Hey, maybe your friend is a really good photographer who stumbled upon some cool lighting effect. But if their picture looks like it belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine, it might be Facetune.

After all, it’s hard to capture things like prism effects on your smartphone, right? Facetune makes it possible to achieve these photography effects that previously belonged to DSLR cameras. Get unique prism effects, use neon filters, and add colorful lights to zhuzh up your selfie before posting it to Instagram.

4 - Places and times aren’t adding up

Your friend just posted a swoon-worthy beach selfie: The lighting is awesome and a beautiful seascape frames their windswept hair.

Only … wait a minute! You just grabbed lunch with them a few hours ago. They’re wearing the same outfit but they’re posing at the beach right now. What gives?

Well, Facetune lets you easily (and convincingly) replace the background of any photo. With one touch, you can choose from backdrops like solid colors, glittery wonderlands, clouds, space, and realistic landscapes like the beach. Oh, and if you don’t want to use a native photo from the app, you can upload your own pic as a backdrop to shake things up.

How to Tell if Someone Used Facetune: The Bottom Line

Selfies are all about confidence. There are a few ways you can tell if someone edited their photo on Facetune, but it’s all in good fun. If your friend is using Facetune because it makes them feel confident and beautiful, then just enjoy the view!

Want in on the fun? Download Facetune now to post the best selfies of your life!

Facetune team
Facetune Team
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