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Selfie. A generational word that swept through the world like wildfire in 2013, and the momentum has not stopped. As such, everyone has an opinion on selfies, including us, Facetune, creators of the best selfie apps found on the Planet Earth. (Our selfie guide for Mars and Jupiter are currently in development).

We want selfie-lovers to perfect their hobby, and have created dozens and dozens of selfie guides - aka The Ultimate Selfie Guide for 2021, 2022, and beyond - for your selfie-taking indulgence. Without further ado, below is the largest assortment of selfie guides on the web:

Selfie Culture

  • Slofies: The slow motion selfie has taken the selfie world by storm; read more about slofies here!

Selfie How To's

  • Dog selfie tips: 5 tips on how to get your pooch in the perfect doggy selfie shot.
  • Sitting selfie poses: As if lazy poses wasn't enough, try some sitting selfie poses to nail your seat-shot.
  • Standing selfie poses: Catch a second wind? Perfect, let's get you brushed up on some great standing selfie poses.
  • Selfie poses for guys: There's no shortage of selfie poses for boys and men to show off their selfie game on IG.
  • Selfie poses for girls: In case you haven't found your selfie style yet check out these ideal-for-girls selfie poses.
  • Golden hour poses: Don't assume anyone can just take a golden hour selfie; your pose matters greatly.
  • Group selfie poses: Get the gang together for a selfie to remember with these awesome group selfie poses.
  • Mirror selfie pose: They don't have the best rep but the right mirror selfie pose can be dynamite for your IG.

The Social Media Selfie

Selfie Editing Tools

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