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Best Selfie Angles No Matter What You Look Like

by Andrea Spanik / January 21, 2021

Before you get too deep into this article about best selfie angles and think I’m the Wicked Witch of the West for telling you that your selfie game is weak and girl, check your selfie angles, let me nip this in the bud ASAP: You don’t NEED any of these selfie tips

You don’t. 


Does it hurt to have some flattering selfie angles in your back pocket for those days where you’re trying to impress?

Nope. So why not get a little mini education on the best selfie angles, no matter what you look like?

Oh, friend, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dig into this. 

Selfie Angles That Fit Your Forehead

Large Forehead Selfies

Feeling a bit like you have more of a “five-head” than a forehead? 

In this case, the biggest thing to be aware of is keeping your camera as far away from your forehead as possible. So, for instance, don’t take a selfie top down. This means that the forehead is the first thing we see in the pic, making it look bigger.  

But you may not want to shoot top up and end up with a selfie that shows off the dreaded double chin. Double no thanks (pun intended). 

Instead, you want to shoot your selfie ever so slightly from above, and I’m talking ever so slightly. 

Why not direct on, you might be wondering? Typically if you shoot direct on, your face ends up looking overly large or slightly distorted because of the curvature of the camera lens. 

You can also angle your head, so you’re not looking directly at the camera. This ensures that your forehead is not on full display. Also, tilt your chin slightly up. This will help move the forehead out of the frame, giving it a smaller appearance. 

And, when in doubt, go get yourself some bangs. I know they say friends don’t let friends get bangs, but some can pull it off really quite well. Maybe you’re one of them.

Small Forehead Selfies

Live on the opposite end of the spectrum with a teeny tiny forehead?  

Shoot your selfie top-down to increase the appearance of your forehead. Just be careful that you don’t shoot too high from above, or you could end up with the exact opposite problem.

Selfie Angles Based On Face Shape

Square Face Selfies

Olivia Wilde, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightly, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie– when it comes to a square face shape, you’re in good celebrity company. 

To help flatter your square face, show off what ‘yo mama gave you. Seriously, do it. 

Rather than hide your square jawline, highlight it by taking your selfie slightly from below. Also, be sure to tilt your head up to to help soften the jawline.


Generally, people get their heart-shaped face because of their hairline. If a widow’s peak is in your vocabulary, avoid taking your selfie top-down. This will only accentuate your hairline. Instead, tilt your head slightly, tuck your chin in, and take the selfie at eye level or slightly below to widen out the chin if it’s looking particularly pointy (AKA the dreaded witch chin).


When your face is long, your cheekbones are likely the widest part of your face (hello Bella Hadid). In this scenario, play up those cheekbones and try angling your face to the right or left, and shooting from slightly below to help give yourself more of a jawline. 

Also, just a little hair tip because I can’t help myself: For my oval face friends out there, avoid letting your hair hang around your face, especially straight hair. You’ll end up looking like Morticia Adams if you opt for this style. Eek.


Nothing wrong with a healthy round face, but if you’re looking a little more moon-like than you’re going for, try out some of these tips. 

First, try photographing from above. While you’ll want to avoid going too high since this can make your forehead look big, shooting from above will help elongate the face. Also, try tucking your chin slightly in to help accentuate your cheekbones. You can also try angling your face away from the camera so that your entire face isn’t the star of your selfie. Round face shapes tend to benefit from being a little less prominent in the shot.

Selfie Angles For Your Kind Of Nose

Bigger Noses

As mentioned when talking about foreheads, whatever is closest to your camera is going to look biggest in your selfie. 

Knowing this, you may opt to avoid taking your selfie straight on if you’re not a fan of your nose. A straight-on selfie taken directly at eye level will likely make your nose look, well, massive. This also means that you should try shooting from as far away as possible (time to stretch that arm, or try a selfie stick). 

Selfies notoriously do make everyone’s noses look bigger, though. Worth trying out a clever mirror selfie to get your nose looking proportional to your face, nbd.

Smaller Noses

Small nose have you feeling down? Well, good news, as mentioned above, selfies notoriously make noses look bigger. Like, it’s basically been proven by actual research. No joke, there have been whole studies on it

Bottom line: If a small nose is your biggest selfie concern, you’re golden, because it’s about to grow.

Selfie Angles for Couples

While the word selfie might have the word “self” in it, we get that not every selfie is taken by yourself, so to speak. 

In scenarios where you’re sharing the spotlight, the candid moments tend to get the most likes on IG (you know it’s true). 

While snapping a candid selfie can be kind of impossible, there’s no rule against faking your candid selfie. 

Look at each other, smile, be silly, laugh, utilize touch, kiss, embrace, and remember that you and your partner will probably have different angles that make you look your best, so instead of focusing too much on your best selfie angles, think about capturing a genuine moment where you both look happy and comfortable.

These are always the selfies that look the best when you’re shooting with your S/O.

Bottom Line: How To Get The Best Selfie Angles

If you made it through this article (congrats), you might feel like some of the info is a little contradictory. 

Correct, it is. 

In all honesty, though, taking selfies is always a little contradictory, and what one person likes in a photo is not going to be the same for another. Because yes, we all have that one selfies that we love, but everyone else thinks is unflattering, and vice verse. Go figure. 

My biggest tip: Keep experimenting, play with selfie angles, try various poses, and don’t get stuck in the trap of the same angle over and over again. Total yawn fest. 

Try out some of the tips from above and get snapping. You’re on track to capturing your best selfie in no time. 

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