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The Best Selfie Ideas For Social Media Profile Pictures

by Team Facetune / June 16, 2021

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I don’t think I need to be the one to tell you this, but just in case you’re one of those people who is still using their dog as the face of their social media, well, it’s about time we rescue you from 2010 and bring you hurtling into 2021 with some fresh social media profile picture ideas.

So, the next time you take a picture of yourself, make sure it is social media profile picture ready.

Not only does your profile picture act as the first interaction people have with you on social media, but it also acts as a stand-in for your entire online presence. I mean, whether you’re trying to get Kylie Jenner famous or not, a picture of a daisy or a logo you whipped up on some free photo editing software is just not going to cut it. 

Let’s clean up your social media presence with these selfie ideas for profile pictures.   

For Instagram 

While your IG profile picture might be small, it represents you more than probably any other profile picture. Think about it: Anytime you post a new IG story, what do people click on? Your profile picture, so let’s get it right. 

First of all, you should be the only one in the photo. The thumbnail is small enough as it is, don’t crowd it around with other people.


selfie profile picture of snitchery


Opt for a picture that shows off just your face, just like Snitchery, up there ^. While I know you’ve got that full-length shot that makes you feel like Kim K, your IG profile pic is not the place for it (dedicate a whole IG post to that if it’s your fav shot). 

Color, a smile (or a smize), and good lighting will also help when it comes to your IG profile pic. 

And hey, speaking of our girl Kim K, if she’s good with posting a selfie with just her face in the shot, you should be, too. Read more here about Instagram profile picture ideas.


selfie profile picture of kim k

Profile Picture Ideas For Facebook

I know, I know a selfie implies you’re in the photo by yourSELF, but with Facebook, I’m all about including others in your profile picture. 

You don’t have to go for the full 30-person family reunion shot (in fact, please don’t), but if you want to show off your cutie BF or your BFF, well, go for it. Just, please, make sure you’re actually in the pic.

Other than that, with Facebook, your profile picture is less about you and more about showing off who you can get to take a picture WITH you (if it’s someone famous, even better). Check out our more in-depth guide on Facebook profile picture tips and ideas.

Profile Picture Ideas For TikTok

You’ll sometimes see trends where everyone starts changing their profile pictures to the same thing on TikTok, but you’re a leader, not a follower, right? 

Of courseeeeee. So on TikTok, I want you to basically follow the same “rules” as Instagram, but get a little more creative with it. 

Perhaps there’s a certain kind of video you’re trying to be known for. You’re a makeup artist? Show it, like James Charles does. Do you prank people? Make your profile picture of you laughing. Or hey, if you’re all about showing off your skills in the kitchen, take a pic in an apron. 


selfie profile picture of james charles


There’s likely a look and feel you want to be known for. Play it up with your profile pic on TikTok, like Nikita Dragun does with her cartoon rendering of a selfie. 


selfie profile picture of nikita dragun

Profile Picture Ideas For Twitter

You might think, “Who’s actually on Twitter these days?” but a ton of people use this social network. Twitter has 192 million active users every month.

Your Twitter selfie profile pic is going to be seen. It shows up everywhere: your feed, your follower’s feed, and even followers of your followers!

twitter profile picture selfie taylor swiftKeep your background plain (color is okay but avoid the cluttered bedroom if you can) and focus on your face. The best dimensions for a Twitter profile pic are 400 x 400 pixels, which is a bit more generous than other social networks.

Even with the extra space, this is a platform where you want to stick to a true selfie, so leave friends and family out of it. But feel free to play with profile picture ideas that include Fluffy or Fido—pet selfies are popular for Twitter.

Profile Picture Ideas For Clubhouse

Yeah, Clubhouse is an audio-only app—but you still have a profile picture, and since it’s the only place you can post a picture on the entire platform, you’ve got to make it count!

Lots of people are customizing their selfies with profile picture ideas like colorful borders or text that says, “Just listening”. These things can definitely help you stand out in the room, but if you’re going to go that route you’ll want to keep your selfie pretty simple.

A plain background, solid lighting, and your beautiful smile are all you’ll need for this one!

Profile Picture Ideas For YouTube

If you dream of becoming the next big thing on YouTube, you’ll want to get your profile picture just right. 

clubhouse profile picture selfie ryan reynolds

This is one platform where a generic profile picture idea isn’t going to cut it. If you’ve got your own YouTube channel, you’ll want to snap a picture that shows off what you’re all about. Ryan Reynolds knows what’s up.

Do you do hairstyling tutorials? Show off that gorgeous hair while holding your fancy curling iron. Like to travel? Use a pic of you standing on top of your latest summit.

Whatever it is, it should help your viewers feel more connected to you and your channel.

Shake up your social media selfie profile picture ideas

If you have any social skills at all, you understand that when you walk into a party, you need to read the room. You know, to see what the vibe is: are people dancing, is it a chill crowd, do you need to hype the room up, are we talking PG-13 or rated R? 

Well, the same thing applies when you’re choosing your social media profile pictures. While we mention specific social media platforms in the guidelines above, no matter what platform you’re on, it’s all about “reading the room.”

What are you using your platform for? What do you want to be known for? Who do you want to attract? Like it or not, your profile picture will impact how people feel about you at first glance.

Regardless of where you hang out online or what vibe you want to give off, make sure you have good profile picture idea for your account. A clear, bright, sharp selfie is a great place to start, no matter the platform.

Go ahead and get creative with it. But like, not too creative with it (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, ‘kay?).

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