75 Fashion Photography Hashtags You Have To Try

Get your fashion game on point with these top fashion hashtags for Instagram and TikTok. From bloggers to streetwear enthusiasts, we've got you covered.

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Whether you're embracing your inner fashionista with more conventional trends, or you're all about challenging style norms (Lady Gaga, anyone?), there are fashion hashtags that will get you the attention you deserve.

Need a little help getting started? Let's make this easy for you. Next time you have a fashion photo to post on Instagram or TikTok, copy and paste these hashtags to instantly get a boost to your photo or video:

#fashion #style #fashionstyle #instafashion #look #fashionista #clothing #fashioninspo #fashiontrends #fashionphotography #fashiongram #trends #styleinspo #stylefashion #stylegoals #stylegram #styled #styleaddict #trendy #trendylook #ilovefashion #fashionismypassion #shop #photoshoot #design

There are some gems in there so don't hesitate to copy/paste the above tags, but if you want to get a bit more specific about the fashion photography hashtags to use in your social media posts, we'll break it down a bit further for you.

And oh, don't forget, all of these work great as TikTok hashtags, too (two-for-one action for ya).

Hashtags for the fashion blogger


Is fashion blogging dead? Maybe? Yes? No? Undecided.

Seriously, who knows if aspiring fashion bloggers can still make it in the world of fashion blogging, considering everyone and their mother wants to be a fashion blogger. Having said that, if there's one thing we do know it's that if you're going to have any chance of success, you NEED an Instagram presence.

Cue these fashion hashtags that are great for both aspiring and established fashion bloggers:

#fashionblogger #blogger #ootd #fashionblog #fashionbloggers #fashionbloggerstyle #fashionblogpost #styleblogger #styleblog #liketkit #fashioninfluencer #styleinfluencer

Oh, and don't forget to hashtag any brands you're wearing or any specific trends you want to draw attention to. For instance, rocking a good bucket hat? As this trend has gained popularity, currently there are 1.6 MILLION posts with #buckethat on Instagram.

Keep in mind that Instagram users have also started to use Instagram the way they might use Pinterest (i.e. searching for style inspiration). So, for instance, if it is the start of the fall season, a user might search for images of "fall fashion". If you're sharing fall fashion inspiration, be sure to hashtag your image with #fallfashion so your pic shows up in people's feeds.

It seems simple, but missing that one step could cost you easy attention to your image.

Hashtags for the fashion enthusiast

Let's be real: As much as we love the idea of fashion blogging, these days, you don't really need a blog in order to show off your epic style. Having an active Instagram account is more than enough.

If you want to show off your passion for fashion, these fashion hashtags are for you:

#photoshoot #outfit #outfitinspo #outfitideas #outfitinspiration #stylediary #stylegram #stylegoals #whatiwore

Hashtags if you love streetwear

Streetwear seems to be where it's at these days, huh?

Everyone loves a good jogger and crop top combo, and honestly, we're not complaining about this preference for all things comfort (no thank you, body-binding-dresses and too-tight jeans).


If you tend to gravitate toward the streetwear style and you want to share your outfits, try sneaking in some of these to your caption:

#streetstyle #streetwearfashion #dailystreetlooks #urbanwear #bestofstreetwear #streetwearaddicted

Fashion hashtags for the selfie queen who loves style

Maybe you prefer sharing a close-up face shot rather than a full outfit look? We hear you, some days the bod just doesn't want to be on display.

But hey, just because a selfie is more your jam doesn't mean you can't enjoy some fashion hashtags. Tilt that camera down a little and make your face the star of the show (bonus points that a downward angle like this tends to be the most flattering).

#fashionselfie #mylook #mylookoftheday #selfie #selfiequeen

And don't forget, a #mirrorselfie is always a good option when you want to show off an outfit but don't necessarily want to pose in front of a photographer.

Anddddddd if you're really stuck on what hashtags to use on your selfie, don't forget we have a full post on all the best selfie hashtags. Thank us later.

Hashtags for fashion-obsessed men

Who says only the ladies get to have fun when it comes to their style? Certainly not us!

When chatting about style, we're all about anyone and everyone being able to express themselves through clothing.

If you're a man with a style blog, or you're just a guy who loves a good pair of loafers and a tailored jacket, there are fashion hashtags that are perfect for you:

#mensfashion #mensfashionblogger #mensfashionpost #mensfashionstyle #mensfashiontrends #malefashion #stylishmen #menwithstyle #menswear #mensclothing

Hashtags for niche fashion accounts

We love a good niche Instagram account, don't you?

Not sure what we mean by "niche" account. It's that account that only posts about one certain thing and gives you allllllll the best info on that thing.

You know, it's the account that you're constantly seeking out when you have a specific style inspiration in mind? For instance, do you have an account that you reference when you want inspiration for what shoes to wear? Perhaps there's an account that is always sharing the best designer handbags? Maybe you even have someone you go to when you want an all-black outfit (details, details, details—people love the specifics). 

Bottom line: Don't discount the power of being the go-to resource on Instagram.

Here are some fashion hashtags for niche-specific accounts:

  1. Fashion hashtags for shoe images: #shoeaddict #instashoes #shoelover #shoegram #shoeaddiction #shoeswag #shoeoftheday #shoes
  2. Fashion hashtags for handbags images: #handbag #handbagaddict #purse #purselove #purseaddict #crossbody
  3. Fashion hashtags for all things jewelry: #instajewel #accessories #jewelry #jewellery #bracelet #bodyjewelry #earringswag #ringstack
  4. Fashion hashtags for swimwear: #swimsuit #bikini #bikinilove #bikinistyle #swimsuitseason #lifeisbetterinabikini

How to boost your fashion photography posts on Instagram with hashtags:

If you're really looking to boost your fashion post (if you've made it this far, we're assuming this is you), these handy-dandy tricks are good to keep in your back pocket:

  1. Try adding the season to your photography hashtags. For instance, if you're posting during the fall months, use #fallstyle or #fallfashion to make your post more relevant. People loooooooove seasonal fashion trends.
  2. Use hashtags of brands that you're wearing in your pic, but also, don't forget to see if the brand has any signature hashtags they use. Using a brand's hashtag could get your picture in front of them (hello, sponsored posts).
  3. If you're attending a fashion event or you're shopping at a specific mall/shop, tag the location and don't forget to also use a location-specific hashtag for an extra boost.
  4. Create your own signature hashtag. While most of your followers will likely go directly to your feed for style inspiration, having your own hashtag gives you some brand recognition (plus, it just kind of seems cool to have your own hashtag, no?).
  5. Don't waste hashtags. After reading this, you might be tempted to use any fashion hashtag that you come across but if you're hashtagging like crazy, not only is there a chance that Instagram will stop showing your images, it also makes your caption look cluttered and a little desperate for attention (let's avoid that). We would say pick a minimum of four hashtags to use with a max of 10.
  6. Don't use the same hashtags over and over again. Even if you have very niche-specific content, think outside the box when you post new images. If you start to use the same hashtags all the time, Instagram might flag that. At the same time, don't use hashtags that are too obscure. The hashtags you use should be relevant to your photo.

Okay, phew, enough talk. Let's get out there and get our fashion photography in front of the right eyes. Who's ready?

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