How to Add Cash Money Background to Your Selfie Photos

Learn how to add some extra cash to your photos with our step-by-step guide to creating a $100 bill backdrop in Facetune. Perfect for fun party pics or OTT selfies!

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A woman with a sparkly earring and a braid

Money makes the world go 'round and we'd all love a little bit of extra cash. I'm afraid we aren't giving out bags of money, but we can help you add a little splash of cash to your photos in the form of an extra-luxe backdrop of $100 bills.

Who doesn't want to pose in front of a ton of money?


Ahhh, if only it were real and we could reach out and grab a fistful!

Adding a cash backdrop is perfect for fun party pictures or for a selfie that needs to be a little OTT, a little bit extra. It's good to be extra sometimes! You can't be elegant and subtle every minute of the day.

Below you'll find our step-by-step guide to adding an awesome cash backdrop to your selfie.

Before Facetune:

A woman is sitting on the floor near a large building

After Facetune:

A woman sitting with a hat on a background of dollars

Step 1: Picture your most *extra* selfie and open it in Facetune.

Step 2: On the main menu bar at the bottom, pick the Backdrop tool to open another menu with a whole range of cute backdrop options.

Step 3: Scroll through the many options until you see the cash money background. It's all $100 bills, baby. No small bills here! Once selected, pinch your fingers to zoom in and out until you are happy with the scale.

Step 4: Use the tools in the Adjust menu to edit the lighting and make the backdrop either a party-perfect green screen or a subtler, more natural backdrop. The Blend tool can help the selfie and background merge together.

Step 5: Save your edit by tapping the checkmark. Once you’ve finished some other edits, save the photo to your phone and share it online to make everyone jealous!

If you want to be a little bit extra in your next selfie, remember that there's nothing more extra than a huge amount of cash ... even if you can't spend it!

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