How to Use "Backdrop" on Facetune For Awesome Background Editing

Revamp your photo's background with Facetune's Backdrop feature! Pick from pre-made designs, layer several backdrops, and adjust lighting and blend for a perfect picture.

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A woman with a yellow shirt and blue hair

One of the most overlooked parts of photos is the backdrop. We always focus on the person smiling or the cute dog or whatever else you're actually photographing. The problem is, the background can make or break your photo.

There's nothing worse than a weird blurry background or someone photobombing your otherwise amazing pic. Maybe you took a really cute selfie, but the background is a passing train or you didn’t notice some rude graffiti on the wall behind you. Or maybe your background is just kinda boring. A little bit meh.

There's no need to panic and it's certainly not a wasted selfie, you just need to spice up your background a little. Whether you want to totally replace what's behind you with a brand-new backdrop or simply need to cover up a small section, Facetune has you covered. Or rather, it's got the background covered!

Before Facetune:

A woman with a white shirt, blond hair and a straw hat

After Facetune:

A woman with a white shirt, blond hair and a straw hat with a sparkling filter

Step 1: Grab your phone and open up the selfie you want to edit in Facetune.

Step 2: Scroll across the main menu bar until you can choose the Backdrop function.

Step 3: For a whole range of cool, pre-made backdrops, use the main Backdrop function. You can pick from solid colors, floral patterns, sparkles and glittery party backdrops, and other stunning designs. Zoom in and out and use the erase tool to position the designs exactly where you want them.

Bonus: To layer several backgrounds, pick one backdrop and then save your work and go back to the main menu. Go back into the Backdrop menu and pick another. You can use the Fix tool to erase parts of the backdrop so you can use multiple backdrops at the same time!

Step 4: You can use the Adjust tools to blend the new backdrop with the existing photo. The blend function can give you a crisp outline and the lighting tools make it look more natural.

Step 5: Save it! Don't lose all your hard work by forgetting to save the image. Use the checkmark in the bottom right corner to make sure you can share your new, fun photo.

Adding a whole new backdrop is easier than ever. Facetune provides loads of fun, fanciful, and cool designs to replace your photo's background, so you can get creative layering them.

You can even use the Photo function in the Backdrop menu to add your own designs and layer together several photos that you have in your phone. If it's in your camera roll, you can use it as a new backdrop.

A whole world of photo editing possibilities awaits you!

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