How to Blur the Edges or Background of Your Selfie Photo

Learn how to edit your selfies like a pro and make yourself the center of attention with these two easy ways to blur the background of your photos. Don't let distractions in the background take away from your beautiful smile and eyes!

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A woman poses with a white shirt and a blue jacket

Sometimes you just want to be the center of attention. Don't we all? And there is nothing more wonderfully self-centered than taking a bomb selfie. The selfie has gone from something frowned upon to something we all love to do on the regular.

But if you want to be the true center of attention and bring all the focus to your face, you can blur the background and fade the edges of your selfie. With the background out of focus, everyone will be looking directly at you.

Of course, this is also helpful if you take an epic selfie that is ruined by something in the background. It isn't always easy to remove objects from behind you, so blurring them out is the next best option, and it means people won't be distracted by what's happening behind you!

Blurring the background of a selfie doesn't require any special photoshopping skills and it can be done on your phone in seconds. Here are two ways to edit the background of your selfie so that you are front and center.

Edit Option 1: Blur the background with Defocus and Auto taps:

1)    Open your selfie in Facetune.

2)    On the main menu bar at the bottom, scroll along until you find the Defocus function.

3)    Here you have two options. First, you can use the Auto magic wand feature to automatically select the entire background. You can then use the slider bar to make the background super-blurry or just slightly out of focus.

3b) Alternatively, you can use the Defocus tool if you want to blur some parts of the background, but not all of it. Brush your finger over the area you want to blur. If you make a mistake, use the undo button or the eraser tool to try again.

4)    Use the Light feature to brighten or darken the background, bringing even more attention to your face.

Before Facetune:

A dancing woman and people in the background

After Facetune:

A dancing woman with a white shirt and a red necklace

Edit Option 2: Blur the edges with Vignette:

1)    You can also bring yourself into sharper focus by heading to the Edit function on the main menu bar.

2)    First, select the Structure feature. Then, use the sliding bar to bring the forefront into focus and blur details in the background. This is a slightly softer edit that brings more detail to your face while also blurring the background.

3)    Next, scroll all the way along until you reach the Vignette option.

4)    Use the slider bar to introduce either black shadows or white light to the edges of your photo.

If you're going to take an epic selfie, you might as well make sure you're the center of attention. Blurring the background can ensure that nothing behind you pulls focus from your smile and eyes.

When editing a photo, it can be easy to forget about the background, but the objects and activities in the background can mean the difference between a good photo and a great one. When you go to post your selfies, make sure all eyes are on you!

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