How to Add Flowers and Floral Background to Your Selfie Photos

Learn how to easily add cute floral backgrounds to your selfies with Facetune! Follow our simple 6-step process to create a stunning floral decoration for your photos in minutes. Shake things up and watch the likes roll in.

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Woman with floral background

Want to add some cute flowers to your selfie? Don't worry, we've got your back...ground.

A floral background, when applied properly, can be a lovely addition to any photo. Adding some pretty flowers in the background can make an ordinary, boring selfie much more interesting and exciting.

And it shouldn't take you forever to add some floral flair. Just click and go!

Before Facetune:

Person holding an ice cream

After Facetune:

A woman smiling and holding an ice cream

If you want to shake things up and add some stunning floral decoration to your photos, here's what you need to know.

Step 1: Choose your favorite photo and open it in Facetune.

Step 2: Head straight to the Backdrop feature on the main menu bar.

Step 3: In the Backdrop tool you can choose from a huge selection of cute floral patterns, real flower walls, floral wallpapers, and flower designs.

Step 4: To layer more than one design, pick your favorite flower pattern and save your edit. When you are back in the main menu, repeat the process to keep adding different designs and flowers.

Step 5: To only use the design in part of the background, use the Fix tool to add the pattern to certain parts of the image or erase it from other areas. You can never have too many flowers! You can even give yourself a background with all the flower patterns for a fun, crazy vibe. Just make sure you save your work each time before adding a new design.

Step 6: Save it and share it! Once you're happy with your flowery backdrop, save the new image to your photo library and then share it online and watch the likes roll in.

Adding flowers to your selfies doesn't have to be hard. And you don't have to rely on cheesy Snapchat filters from 10 years ago that make you look fuzzy and blurry. Customize your own design until you've got a lush, floral background in minutes.

Facetune team
Facetune Team
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