How to add lip gloss to selfie photos with Facetune

Learn how to get the perfect pout for your selfie! Moisturize your lips, apply lipstick, and add glitter using editing apps to make your lips look plump and glossy with minimal effort.

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Luscious pink lip gloss

Having a lusciously plump pout is so much fun. Many of us try to achieve the look while taking a selfie by pulling a duck face, which looks a little cringey but sometimes you gotta work with what you've got.

If you're out and about, you might not notice if your lips are dry or stained or if your lipstick has smudged or come off. Looking back on a picture and seeing dry, crusty lips can be so awkward. But fear not; if you want to make the most of natural lips and still post an amazing selfie on Instagram, there is a solution.

For how to get a great pout for a selfie, first make sure your lips are as moisturized as possible to blur any fine lines and get rid of dryness. Second, add a little gloss using an editing app to make your lips look plump with minimal effort. Cute, pouty lips every single time.

Step 1: With your selfie up in Facetune, head to the Paint function on the bottom bar.

Step 2: Use the Paint tool in the Paint section to apply or touch up your lipstick. Sweep the color across your lips for an even color.

Step 3: Once you've picked the color of your lips, head to the Glitter feature and select a pale pink or white color. If you choose a lipstick color such as blue, green, or purple, select a glitter color that is a lighter shade of the color you are using. The glitter is going to act like a light reflection and turn matte lips into glossy lips.

Step 4: Zoom in on your lips by pinching your fingers on the screen and pulling them apart. Apply the glitter lightly over the whole lip and then add more glitter to the center and cupid's bow. This is where the light would naturally catch a gloss and reflect back. If you use a color glitter, you can add a second layer of white glitter to capture more light. Remember, don't add too much glitter; you want the glitter to act as a light reflection and not look like a coat of glitter.

Step 5: If you want a super-glossy effect, use the white or light pink color in the Tone tool to sweep lightly over the center of your lips. This will have an ultra-shiny effect and give the impression of even more gloss. Use the slider bar to deepen and lighten the effect, so it looks natural.

Natural lips before lip gloss application.
Natural lips after lip gloss application.

Adding gloss to your photos can take your pout from cringey to luscious, and it's super easy to do. Using glitter creates a glossy look in seconds, so you can go ahead and take as many duck face selfies as you want!

With these super creative selfie ideas, get out there and show the world your best selfies.

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