How to Take Better Selfies: A Guide For Guys

As a dude, you have the power to create a badass selfie that your followers will love. If you need a little inspo to up your selfie game, check out these tips.

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better selfie tips for guys

Hey, fellas, let’s be honest for a sec. A lot of selfie tips are tailored to the ladies. With all the tips on how to get poutier lips or a wow-worthy booty, some selfie ideas might feel like they aren’t meant for you. (But if you do want pouty lips or sexy curves, more power to you!)

As a dude, you have the power to create a badass selfie that your followers will love. But how do you up the ante when taking a picture of yourself? If you need a little inspo to up your selfie game, check out these tips.

1 - Lighting is your best friend

Seriously. Lighting is the most important part of taking a better selfie. Even if you got your hair perfectly coiffed and your beard neatly trimmed, it won’t do an ounce of good if it’s too dark.

Dark photos look bad (they don’t make you look mysterious or sultry — sorry) and too much light highlights less-desirable features like wrinkles. You’ve got to strike a good balance with your selfies.

First of all, avoid using the flash on your phone. It’s rarely flattering. Try to go for natural light when possible. Turn and face a window, hold your phone in front of you, and take a photo. If you’re outdoors, make sure you snap a selfie in the shade; otherwise, you’ll look overexposed.

2 - Please leave the bathroom

What’s up with guys and bathroom selfies? Everybody’s done a bathroom selfie before, but it seems like men are more drawn to them.

We’re sorry, but a bathroom is hardly the place for a cool selfie. First of all, if people see a toilet behind you, it doesn’t exactly scream, “sexy.” Plus, fluorescent bathroom lighting is overcast and it can make you look tired.

Try snapping selfies in other locations around your apartment. The balcony, cuddling your dog on the couch, taking a jog around the block — there are so many more interesting selfie backdrops than your bathroom.

3 - Clean up a bit

Sorry, guys, but moving your selfie game out of the bathroom is only the beginning.

If you’re taking a selfie at home, make sure things are tidy behind you. A bedroom selfie can be sexy AF, but not if your dirty clothes are strewn all over the bed.

Straighten out your bedsheets, wash your dishes, fold the blankets on the couch … you get the idea. No one’s saying you have to be Martha Stewart, but at least put in a little effort, ‘kay?

4 - Test different angles

Everybody’s got their good side. Have you found yours yet?

Instead of snapping selfies from the same angle every time, mix it up. Try to have at least a few different options so you can choose from a few pre-approved angles for each selfie.

Try turning your camera in different ways (to the left or right) or adjust your arm (up or down). Pro tip, though: don’t take a selfie angling the camera below you. Studies show men think this makes them look more dominant, but it actually just gives us a gross view up your nose.

5 - Strike a pose

Once you’ve nailed your most flattering angle, it’s time to work on your pose. This is the easiest way for boys to make their selfies look more confident, relaxed, and sexy.

Relax your shoulders and stand tall. If you want your shoulders to look broader, try squaring them and leaning in slightly toward the camera.

If you’re going for a serious or sexy selfie, push your jaw out and down. This accentuates your jawline, which gives off a more masculine appearance. It also helps diminish a double chin if you have one.

And finally, find something to do with your free hand. Letting it hang limply at your side just looks … weird. Stick your hand in your pocket, hook your thumb through your belt loop, or run it through your hair.

6 - Always edit before posting

Yes, you’re naturally handsome and wonderful. But every guy selfie can use a little zhuzhing up.

Use Facetune to play with colors, saturation, and brightness. Filters will also help you enhance your photo or give off a certain mood (without adding silly dog ears or giant eyelashes). You don’t have to do anything crazy here; these settings will subtly enhance the quality of your photos without finicky edits.

7 - Flash those pearly whites

We love us some smoldering Blue Steel, but your followers want to see your smile! Most of your Instagram feed should be you looking positive and welcoming.

Do you really want to look pissed off all the time? Smiling makes you look authentic and approachable. If you’re worried about wrinkles or your eyes not showing enough, use Facetune’s Smoothing or Eye tool.

8 - Find something to lean on

Men can make selfie poses look more casual and approachable by leaning on something. Not only can this help you feel more comfortable, it also makes it easier to relax the muscles in your neck and shoulders.

A wall works great, but you could also use a table, chair, car — pretty much anything that will hold you up!

You can also use the "rule of thirds" to give some depth to your picture. Turn on the grid overlay on your cell phone and position yourself along one of the intersecting lines.

9 - Take advantage of your phone's burst mode

If you’re anything like us, it can feel like it takes about a million selfies to get the one you like best.

Use the burst mode on your phone to make the process go a little faster. Burst mode takes a bunch of photos at once, so you can scroll through and easily choose the best one.

Tip: As you're holding down the shutter, slowly change the angle of your phone and your face to maximize your chances of getting a great shot.

10 - RELAX

Try to have fun with this! If you’re awkward and uncomfortable, guess what?

Your pictures will be awkward and uncomfortable … and that’s not the look we’re going for here, is it?

Boys should take a minute or two to loosen up before snapping a pic. Jump around, stretch out your neck and shoulders, and then just do it.

Feel free to be a little playful, and get it on camera! Sometimes these candid, funny shots end up looking better than the serious ones.

The bottom line for how to take a selfie for guys

Men want to look good in their selfies, too. If you’re trying to step up your selfie game, try these dude-approved tips to show off your personality, get more followers, and feel confident every time you snap a pic.

When in doubt, inject a little more life into your selfies with Facetune. Guys use Facetune to whiten their teeth, change the lighting, and even try on a new hair color to get a cool look every time.

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