144 Best Photography Hashtags for Instagram Photos in 2022

Discover the most popular Instagram photography hashtags for 2022, including daily and seasonal hashtags, to make your posts stand out. Whether you're looking to show off your OOTD or capture the beauty of fall, we've got you covered.

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Photography hashtag ideas for Instagram

Some of the most popular niches of Instagram photography hashtags in 2021 and 2022 are of course selfie hashtags, but let's be honest, sometimes getting up close and personal with the camera isn't exactly what the doctor ordered, 'ya know what I mean?

Enter photography hashtags. For Instagram. Okay, and sometimes for Facebook & TikTok. But mostly for Instagram.


Sometimes, we want that epic shot, but we want to put a little distance between ourselves and the lens.

In these cases, it's time to pull out some photography hashtags from your back pocket, and let Instagram works its magic.


Well, for one, no Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok post is complete in 2022 without a lineup of photography hashtags, but also, if you're not showing off your face on The 'Gram, you're at risk for fewer likes on your photos.


That's right—selfies tend to perform best on social, but never fear, epic photography hashtags are here! (Sorry, couldn't resist the rhyme.)

The Most Popular Photography Hashtags for Instagram in 2022:

Whether you're looking for Instagram photography hashtags to use after that epic concert you just went to, or you want to show off your OOTD, these photography hashtags will fit the bill.

Let's dive in!

Photography Hashtags for All 7 Days of the Week

Seriously, when we say we have a hashtag for every day of the week, we really mean it.

Whether you're ready to start the week off with a little Motivation Monday, or some Sunday Funday sounds like more of your jam, let's quickly go over some of our favorite hashtags for each day of the week.

  1. For Monday hashtags, try out: #mondaymusings #meowmonday #mondaymotivation #freshweek
  2. For Tuesday hashtags, give these a try: #transformationtuesday #tuesdayvibes #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaytruth
  3. For Wednesday hashtags, we recommend: #humpday #wednesdaywine #womancrushwednesday #waybackwednesday
  4. When Thursday rolls around, we have you covered with these Thursday hashtags: #tbt #thursdaygrind #thursdaytreat #thursdaynightfootball
  5. Everyone's fave day of the week is covered with these Friday hashtags: #TGIF #fridayfun #fridayfashion #fridayfavorites
  6. For some Saturday fun, these hashtags are winners: #cheerstotheweekend #saturdayoutfit #saturdayshopping #saturdayshenanigans
  7. And, to end the week, here are our top Sunday hashtag picks: #sundayselfie #sundaybrunch #sundaybest #sundayfunday

See, we promised we have you covered for each of the week. And hey, if these particular hashtags don't work for you, don't forget to take a look at the full lineup of photography hashtags for each day. We've gone a bit more specific with hashtags in the full-length articles.

Seasonal Photography Hashtags

Pretty much any month of the year has its own set of photography hashtags you can use, but with the seasons changing and fall fashion making its presence known, September photos tend to be some of our favorites to share.

Come on, beautiful fall leaves and all the golden hues you could ask for. What's better than that?


Try out some of our fave September hashtags like #neverendingsummer #fallcolors #septembermood #firstdayoffall #septembergoals, or check out the full lineup of September photography hashtags.

Oh, wait... We might have to take back that earlier statement about September photography being our favorite. We totally skipped over October.

If there's one month that's a total vibe, it's October.

I mean, October is basically synonymous with spooky season, and I've yet to meet someone who isn't down for a little spooky season fun.

If you're also all about October, don't let this photography opportunity pass you by.

These October photography hashtags will serve you well, or feel free to check out the full lineup of October photography hashtags.

#octobergirl #fallathome #fallvibes #spookyseason #trickortreat

Oh hey, speaking of spooky season, everyone likes taking pics for Halloween. I mean, if you're going to take the time to dress up or decorate (or both!), you might as well share it, right?


Use these Halloween hashtags below, or check out the full list of Halloween hashtags:

#halloweencountdown #halloweenobsessed #halloweenspirit #october31 #halloweenspirit

Maybe you have another fall holiday on your mind? Perhaps rather than skeletons and goblins, you prefer turkeys and family time.

Honestly, don't blame you on this one.

Try these winners: #turkeyday #givethanks #blessed #thanksgivingfeast #pumpskinspice

Or read the full Thanksgiving photography hashtag post here.

And of course, the holidays would not be the holidays without Christmas and holiday themed hashtags.

Couple searching for Instagram photography hashtags.

Fashion Photography Hashtags

There are a lot of popular photos on social media (food, home decor, fitness, makeup, etc.), but one of the OG genres of posts on Instagram will always be fashion posts.

Outfit of the days, mirror shots, everyday looks, high fashion looks... There are about a billion ways to post your outfit on Instagram.


Okay, fine, maybe not a billion but like, a lot, and if you have any sort of passion for fashion, we highly recommend throwing some of these fashion photography hashtags into your next post:

#fashionbloggerstyle #outfitinspo #stylediary #mylookoftheday

Photoshoot Photography Hashtags

Speaking of the OG fashion bloggers out there, if there's any group of people that has mastered the art of the influencer pose, we'd have to say it's the fashion bloggers.

Basically the 21st century modern model, influencers know a thing or two about hitting their poses just right, yeah?

Influencer or not, we're all about showing off a little posing magic on The 'Gram. Sound good? If so, use these photoshoot photography hashtags:

#modelphotography #photoshootready #influencerstyle #photoshoottime #photographylove

Concert and Music Photography Hashtags

In our books, there are a lot of good reasons to add to your feed (and yes, boredom can totally count as an excuse).


When it comes to non-negotiable reasons to share, attending a concert is right up there with wedding pictures and puppy photos.

And hey, if you're just musically talented on your own, this is also a non-negotiable sharing moment.

Because seriously, if you're not sharing your music, well, not only are people missing out on your talent, but you're also denying yourself the joy of sharing something you love with the world.

(Sorry to get a little deep with you there, but it's true!)

Anywho, if we've piqued your interest and you're looking for some concert and music photography hashtags, these picks will serve you well:

#musicgram #concertready #musicismylife #musicmonday #concertoutfit

Travel Photography Hashtags

Okay, wait a minute, we take back our earlier statement...

While concert and music photography are certainly good reasons to post, nothing beats travel photos.

From that epic shot of you bungee jumping off a cliff (look at you go!) to the dreamy pic of you "candidly" lounging on the beach (more my jam), we've got all the travel photography hashtags you need for an instant like-fest on your pic.


Try out some of these and don't forget to add hashtags for your location (the country, if not the city) while traveling to make the post more niche:

#traveljunkie #letstravel #travelgram #justravel #wonderfulplaces

85 Additional Photography Hashtags to Copy & Paste Into Instagram Right Now:

#Camera #Capture #PhotoOfTheDay #JustGoShoot #InstaGood #InstaPhoto #PicOfTheDay #picoftheday #photooftheday #instadaily #photographer #portrait #landscape #lifestyle #selfie #model #myself #instalike #instagood #photo #photographylovers #photographyeveryday #photographyaddict #PhotographDaily#PhotoOfTheDay #MasterShots #Photogram #Capture #PhotographyDaily #PhotographyIsLife #photography #photooftheday #ExclusiveShots #love #instagood #iPhoneography #instagram #photo #nature #art #photographer #bhfyp #likeforlikes #travel #instadaily #photoshoot #me #smile #Jaw_Dropping_Shotz #model #naturephotography #myself #likes #happy #bhfyp #iPhoneography #Camera #Composition #Photoshop #Instadaily #Igers #Cityscape #IGworldclub #Visuals #Aesthetics #ThroughTheLens #Snapshot #Exposure #Moment #PhotographyAddict #Photogram #InstaPhoto #WorldBestGram #Lens #picoftheday #like #follow #beautiful #fashion #style #instalike #followme #HDR #Instafocus

You know we always prefer getting a bit more specific with our photography hashtags.

Not only do the photos tend to perform better this way, but aesthetically, your caption looks a little more pleasing and less desperate if it's not followed by a million photography hashtags.

But hey, just because we wouldn't recommend stuffing your caption with generic hashtags doesn't mean you can't throw in a couple here and there.

Try out some of the above photography hashtags if you're struggling with your current hashtag lineup. They could be just the boost that you need.

Like we said, pick and choose which hashtags work best for you on Instagram, but with this full lineup of photography hashtags at your disposal, we've got a feeling your social media is going to be blowing up in the best possible way in no time.

Sound good? Get hashtagging.

But wait, before you go, check out these additional photography hashtag tricks:

8 More Photography Hashtag Tips & Tricks in 2022

Before you head off into Instagram photography hashtag heaven, we have 8 quick tips to guide you along your journey:

Use Instagram Analytics Tools

To gain access to these analytics tools, an Instagram business account is required. Instagram business accounts are free and easy to create. These accounts have a feature called ‘Insights,’ which allow you to check how your posts are doing and how many impressions are coming from your hashtags. This way, it’s possible to analyze and see if you are using the right photography hashtags.

Here is the information that the ‘insights’ feature shows you:

  • Profile views
  • Summary of the last seven days of account activity
  • Number of impressions
  • Demographics of your followers
  • Impressions on your most recent three posts
  • Indicates the number of people who discovered your post through hashtags

This last piece of insight is extremely valuable: you can see how effectively you are using the hashtags. If a hashtag on IG is bringing no engagement and impressions, it is ineffective and must be replaced.

instagram photography hashtags

Do the research

The best way to stay informed about the best photography hashtags is to do your own research every couple of months. See what is most popular in specific photography hashtags, and see what gets propped up to the top by Instagram. Check those photos to see what other hashtags they are using. Note that hashtags are continually changing, so try to be aware of different trends that are currently occurring in your Instagram photography niche.

Stick to 1 niche per photo

Mixing niches can be counterproductive. To get your work seen by as many people as possible, target a specific genre or niche. When posting on Instagram, don’t use a mix of hashtags from all kinds of genres, this will NOT help your photo get seen. Always try to stick to a single niche per post.

Consider these two factors when choosing a niche:

  • Know your target audience: think about who your photography might appeal to and look at what other successful Instagram accounts in the genre are doing to appeal to that audience.
  • Choose the right niche for your type of photography and brand: be specific and don’t try to mix all kinds of hashtags from different niches in one photo. For example, if you are posting a wedding photo, only use hashtags from the wedding photography niche.

Using location-based hashtags

Add your location into hashtags, as it can secure reach based on your geography. In most cases, when people search for a photographer, they want someone nearby. So, if you live in Dallas, use the #dallasphotographers hashtag, which will allow you more reach in your location. If you look at photography hashtags, many use their location. Whether it’s the location of the photographer or the location of the subject in the photo, using area-based tags will narrow down your post to appeal to those that want to find your work.

Avoid spammy hashtags and fillers

Instagram posts should never look like spammy with too many irrelevant hashtags that have nothing to do with your photo. Instagram may shadowban your account for using the wrong hashtags, or using too many, which may appear like spam. This means that, while your account is still active, Instagram is no longer pushing it to new audiences. The use of irrelevant hashtags may even result in a decline of overall impressions on your posts.

Put hashtags in the caption

Don’t try to stuff your post with excess hashtags. Always place your relevant hashtags in the caption of your post, not in comments. Adding comments with hashtags to your post may get your account blocked. The best way to prepare a post is to:

  • add a brief but catchy text description
  • add some space
  • add your hashtags at the bottom of the post

Don’t use the same hashtags in every post

Instagram’s algorithm prefers fresh content. For this reason, always mix up your hashtags for each post. Stick to the same niche if that applies to the post, but use a variety of hashtags to avoid getting blocked for spam. Settle on a list of hashtags for the image, the locations, and keep that list handy. Here’s what to do:

  • Don’t copy and paste a set of hashtags and use them for every post repeatedly
  • Mix up the order of the hashtags and add at least three different or new ones
  • Focus on the hashtags that you can target

Post during peak traffic

Instagram users are most active during certain times of the day. You want to post during a time when there are lots of people using the app. Research when the peak traffic is for your target audience and time zone. For example, Friday evenings are a high traffic period. During the week, the afternoons and evenings have lots of engagement. If you post when there are more users online, your posts are more likely to gain traction.

3 Common Hashtag Questions in the IG Photography Niche:

What are the main factors that affect the reach of our photography hashtags?

     a. Frequency – How often a hashtag is used.

      b. The interaction or popularity of your post – How many likes and comments it has.

      c. The time it is shared – There are certain times when it’s best to post, like in the evening, when a lot of users are active.

      d. Audience strength – How large your audience is (number of followers) and how active they are on the platform.

How many hashtags can I use in an IG photo?

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. If you want to sneak some extra in, you can add a comment to your post and write additional hashtags there. Instagram marketers, however, recommend avoiding photography hashtag stuffing – the practice of using way too many hashtags to try and create reach. Most of these experts agree that the ideal number of hashtags is somewhere between 5 – 11 per post.Remember that it’s about using the most relevant photography hashtags, random hashtags may actually do more harm than good. Another trap that some Instagram users may fall into us creating their own hashtags. Avoid making your own hashtags unless you already have a large following associated and engages with your branding.

How do you make sure you are using the right hashtags for your Instagram photos?

Depending on the size of your following, you’ll have a bigger chance of getting noticed by using some specific hashtags. It’s all about comparing the competition to your profile and seeing where your account fits into the infamous and everchanging ‘Instagram algorithm.’ Although the algorithm does change, and we are unsure of what exactly it promotes, there are ways to take advantage of it using the correct hashtags.

Here is what you need to know about Instagram photography hashtags: the more posts a hashtag has, the harder it is to get a high ranking and get noticed. At the same time, the less posts a hashtag has, the harder it is for others to actually find your work through the hashtag system. The goal for the majority of photographers is to get into the top post category for a hashtag. The top nine posts in each hashtag are shown as the top results in the search feature. When growing your Instagram account, you must target the tags that strike a balance between competition and viewership. The lower viewership a hashtag, the less important reaching that top post category, but the easier it is to do. Using lower popularity genre hashtags to start building viewership is a great strategy when just starting out your Instagram account.

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