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Take stunning nail selfies for your socials with these 5 easy-to-follow tips.

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Learn how to take stunning nail selfies

New nails, who dis?

Whether you're a nail artist who's trying to show off their latest work or you just got back from the salon and you're feeling fierce, a nail selfie is in order!

You want to showcase your manicure to your followers, but nail photography isn't always easy. You've got to know certain photography hacks to snap the right pic, because a good photo goes a long way.

Fortunately, as long as you have Facetune in your pocket, you’ll be able to edit your already-gorgeous nails with our nail photo editing app.


5 tips for taking better nail photos

Ready to show off your claws? Follow these five tips to take better nail selfies with your smartphone.

1. Shoot at different times of day.

Sunrise and sunset are known as the "golden hour" when everything is awash in a warm, yellow light. If you're going for a sunny aesthetic, shoot during the golden hour. For darker looks, wait for a cloudy or stormy day. I recommend matching your manicure with the weather forecast for a cohesive vibe.

2. Prep your hands before you pose.

If you haven't already, give yourself a little manicure before you snap a pic of your nails. Once you know your nails are totally dry, do a quick sugar scrub to brighten your skin and remove any dry areas. Follow that with moisturizer and cuticle oil for healthy, gorgeous skin.

3. Wear minimal jewelry.

I love bangles and accent rings as much as the next girl, but now is the time for subtlety. You don't want a big bracelet taking all of the attention away from your nails. Keep it simple with a stoneless ring or a delicate bracelet.

4. Try a remote or a tripod.

Sometimes you need to zoom out or change up your angle to get the right nail selfie shot. A tripod and remote can definitely give you more options, so pick up a cheapie on Amazon to perfect your nail pics.

5. Most importantly: Get the lighting right.

Maybe I'm a broken record at this point, but lighting is a MUST for any good photo, especially when you’re photographing your nails. Outdoor lighting is usually a good bet as long as it’s diffused and not too harsh — try to snap a pic in the shade for better lighting.

As a general rule, avoid shadows because they can have an unflattering effect on your hands. Try angling your nails so they'll catch the light and shine in exactly the right places, too.

Whatever you do, don't use flash! It's too extreme and will add too much shine to your nails.


How to use Facetune for nail photo editing

Okay, you've done your best to photograph your nails, but maybe the lighting isn't right, or the picture doesn’t match your Instagram aesthetic.

I've got you. Here are just a few ways you can use Facetune for nail photo editing on the go.

Add light effects

The right reflection can make your nails look sharp, sexy, and professional. Experiment with a few different light effects in Facetune for the best nail selfies:

  • Open Facetune and go to Light FX.
  • Choose from dozens of different effects to match your mood. Use the slider for a more or less intense look.
  • Click the checkmark to save your changes.

Before Facetune:

Nail photo editing app with light effect

After Facetune:

Nail photo editing  light effect after image

Improve your lighting

Lighting is a big deal in any selfie, and it’s especially key to elevating any picture of your nails. It's super easy to adjust your lighting in Facetune, too:

  • Open Facetune and go to Edit.
  • Use the Brightness slider to add or remove brightness from your nail selfie.
  • Contrast will also add more intrigue to a photo if it feels flat.
  • Use Shadows and Highlight to balance out your pic.
  • Click the checkmark to save your changes.

Remove imperfections

Do you have scars or other blemishes on your hands? Or maybe you found a smudge in your nail polish as you were about to snap a selfie? Don't worry about it! Just patch away imperfections and nobody will know:

  • Open Facetune and go to Patch.
  • Tap on the imperfection you want to cover. The app will automatically choose a different area to paste over the imperfection. Drag until you find the perfect fit.
  • Click the checkmark to save your changes.

Change your nail color

If you're rocking blue nails but realize that red would look better, put down the nail polish remover! Change your nail color with a few taps in Facetune:

  • Open Facetune and go to Makeup.
  • Tap on Tones and swipe a new color onto your nails. You can use the slider for more or less intensity.
  • Click the checkmark to save your changes.

P.S. This feature works better if you have solid-colored nails.


Add shine or sparkles

Honestly, everybody could use a little sparkle in their selfies. Instead of dealing with the messy hell that is nail glitter, you can drop in a subtle sparkle with Facetune:

  • Open Facetune and go to Makeup > Glitter.
  • Choose your desired shade of glitter (might I suggest pink?) and swipe it over your nails a few times. You can use the slider for a more intense sheen.
  • Click the checkmark to save your changes.

Drop in a contrasting background

Don't let your background distract from your badass nails. Use Facetune to blur or change your background. To blur your background:

  • Open Facetune and go to Defocus.
  • Tap on Auto for the app to defocus the background for you. If it isn’t blurry enough, drag the slider to the right for a more extreme effect.
  • Click the checkmark to save your changes.

To change your background:

  • Open Facetune and go to Backdrop.
  • Scroll through Facetune's preloaded backdrops or upload your own photo. I recommend sticking with more subtle backdrops so you aren’t taking attention away from your nails.
  • Click the checkmark to save your changes.

Before Facetune:

Palm on pink nail polish on a pink background

After Facetune:

Palm on pink nail polish on a sparkling pink background

Crop it

Whether you need to remove something out of frame or just want more balance in your nail selfie, you can use the nail photo editing app to crop your pic in a few taps:

  • Open Facetune and go to Crop.
  • Drag the grid over your photo until you have everything you want in the frame. Pro tip: use the the Rule of Thirds here for a more interesting nail selfie.
  • Click the checkmark to save your changes.


Nail photo editing tools can help a great mani look awesome

Nail photo editing is a breeze, but it's even easier if you start with a good photo. Follow these tips to snap great nail selfies — and don't forget that nail photo editing apps like Facetune can help make your pics Instagram-ready, too.

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