Self-Portrait Hashtags: Everything You Need to Know

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The selfie is so yesterday. I mean, how many awkwardly angled selfies or bathroom selfies can a person take in one lifetime?

I for one am done. I’m out. I loved you for many a year, but I’m moving on, selfie.

But, wait, this doesn’t mean that all of those awesome selfie hashtags that I’ve been acquiring over the years are suddenly going to go to waste on Instagram.

I’m not handing over my iPhone and checking into a monastery.

No, no, no, my dear, I’m simply leveling up my game. I’m leaving selfies behind and moving into the big leagues.

My face will become my art.

I am art.

I self-portrait now.

The connoisseur’s selfie

Admittedly, this may be a phase I am going through for the next hour, but a self-portrait reveals so much more about who we are as people.

Do I always want to reveal more about who I am as a person? Absolutely not, but it sounds deep and meaningful. And I am all about that.

Not only will becoming a self-portrait person rather than a simple selfie person make you sound mysterious and cool, it can also help to blow up that follower count.

More than 10 million self-portrait posts show that we’re not alone.

The 16 best self-portrait hashtags

For those who are down to go full-throttle at this new beginning, here are some of the most popular self-portrait hashtags to choose from next time you upload your artful self-portraiture to Insta:

  • #selfportrait
  • #photography
  • #portait
  • #artist
  • #photographer
  • #me
  • #myself
  • #closeup
  • #selfshot
  • #photooftheday
  • #instame
  • #portraitpage
  • #portraiture
  • #canon
  • #model
  • #artistsoninstagram

A new direction for selfies and self-portrait hashtags

Of course, I jest. Selfies and self-portraits can very happily co-exist in the same Insta world.

It’s not every day that you have the time to produce a piece of art that is the self-portrait, but our trusted selfies will always be right there in a couple of swift hand movements.

And when you do have the time, what better way to celebrate your unique self than through the medium of self-portraiture?

The image itself is no doubt going to stand out from your usual day-to-day posts already, but to make sure that as many people as possible get to see you in all your glory, upgrade your hashtag game too.

Just a few more self-portrait hashtags to help you shine on Instagram & Facebook

Here are some more popular hashtags to consider adding to your self-portraits:

#photo #faceoftheday #likeme #selfiesfordays #igersoftheday #selfiestick #selfiesaturday #picoftheday #prilaga #ig #artist #fashion #bnw #bhfyp #photoshoot #selflove #portraitmood #canon #blackandwhite #vision #selfportraitphotography #face #drawing #eyes #instagram #life #hair #self

And don't forget: These are the most popular hashtags, but you can stand out even more by being unique.

When you take so much trouble to produce a beautiful image, think about which hashtags are going to resonate most strongly with others, too.

It’s time for your self-portrait to stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready for your close-up?

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

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