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How to Use “Restore” in Photos on Facetune2

by Facetune Team / December 8, 2021

Editing your selfies can be super fun. All the crazy new technology means you can give yourself red eyes (or remove red eye in photos), delete imperfections, shrink your nose, and change your hair color in seconds.

The only problem is that it’s also very easy to go a bit too far. 

It’s like when a celeb has bad plastic surgery and ends up with wonky lips and a face like a nightmare Barbie. *shivers* Knowing when to stop is the most important thing, but we all get carried away sometimes.

However, unlike plastic surgery, fixing badly edited photos only takes a second, isn’t painful, and can be done before anyone sees it! Thank goodness.

Before using restore:

How to use the restore tool when editing photos Facetune2

After using restore:

How to use the restore tool when editing photos Facetune2

Read on to find out how to fix a weirdly-edited photo using the handy Restore tool.

Step 1: The first thing is to find out if you really have gone too far! When you’re playing around in Facetune2, it’s easy to get carried away. You think you’ve done some great work but actually, your nose is off-center and one leg is thinner than the other. Use the “compare” feature to flick between the original photo and your edits. This is the small button in the bottom right corner of the photo. Press and hold to see just how far you’ve strayed from the original.

Step 2: Yikes! Looks like you have gone a little too far this time. Time to restore your photo to its original glory. Head to the Reshape function on the main menu bar.

Step 3: Once you’re in the Reshape menu, select the Restore function.

Step 4: Gently brush your finger over any area that has accidentally become distorted to restore it to its original shape. You might have to go over the same area a few times.

Bonus: Have a look at the background! We all remember the Kardashians getting roasted online for having bendy curtains and swimming pools because they tried to give themselves a tiny waist. If you see something that should be straight that has a slight bend, restore that as well.

Step 5: Once you’ve restored the parts of the photo that were a little bit crazy, use the compare feature again to double-check your edits. You can always use the Reshape, Refine and Resize tools again if you want to try more editing.

Step 6: Save your work! There’s nothing worse than finally getting things right and then forgetting to save the image.

And there you have it. A quick, easy fix for when the editing gets out of control! The Restore function can save you loads of time and it means you don’t always have to use the undo arrow. No more over-editing for you.

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