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71 Nature Photography Hashtags for your Instagram

by Andrea Spanik / December 15, 2021

Fancy getting out there and embracing your inner Tarzan? If you’re anything like me, you might be a little more Jane and a little less Tarzan, but regardless, we love ourselves some sunshine and fresh air over here.

If you’re with us on this then there’s a good chance your camera roll is full of stunning sunsets, leafy greens, and every single flower you happen to come across (guilty as charged).

Why not share some of these shots? It’s time for some good ol’ fashioned Instagram photography hashtags.While these might not give you that feel-good feeling you get from posting your usual selfie, everyone still loves a good nature shot (hello likes).

If this sounds good to you, simply copy and paste these hashtags onto Instagram or TikTok and in no time at all we’ve got a feeling you’ll start to see those likes rolling in:

#nature #naturephootgraphy #naturelovers #natureshots #naturephotographer #natureshot #natureaddict #naturegram #naturephoto #naturephotos #naturelove #naturepic #naturebeauty #naturepics #natureperfection #naturelife #natureseekers #naturewalk #natureloversgallery #natureisbeautiful #natureinspired

Now, if you want to get a little more specific with your nature hashtags (and you know we loooooove and always support getting specific), we’ve got you covered here, too.

Identify what kind of nature shot you’ve got and find your perfect hashtag using these categories:

Nature hashtags for sunsets


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I mean, come on, what could be more naturally beautiful than a sunset?

Pretty much everyone’s favorite thing to snap a pic of, we’re almost certain every nature lover has a sunset or two in their back pocket to share.

#sunset #sunsetphotography #sunsetlover #sunsets #sunsetgram #sunsethunter #sunsetsky #sunsetbeach #sunsetoftheday #sunsetpics

Nature hashtags for the beach

With sunsets on the brain, we also have to provide you with some beach hashtags, because with crystal blue water and that golden sunshine lighting up everything it touches, beach photography is some of the most naturally pretty.

If you agree, these beach hashtags will come in handy.

#beach #beachbum #beachy #beachlife #beachvibes #beachday #beachlover #beachdays #beachtime #beachwaves #beaches #beachplease

And hey, if you’ve got both a beach and a sunset in one shot (#beachsunset), don’t forget to combine both sets of hashtags for an extra boost of likes.

Nature photography hashtags for the campers

Hey, camping is not for everyone, but if hanging out in a forest and soaking up some fresh air is your jam, you’ll love these camping hashtags:

#camping #campinglife #campingtrip #campingfun #campingtime #camper

Oh, and hey, if you’re bringing your pup with you, don’t forget to throw a #campingdog hashtag in there. People LOVE to see furry friends out there living their best lives in nature.

Nature photography hashtags for hikers

Whether you’re hitting the trails for a full day of hiking, or you’re more inclined to do a leisurely stroll in a forest, these hiking hashtags don’t discriminate:

#hike #hiking #trail #freshair #forest #forestbathing #hikerlife #hikersofinstagram #hikemoreworryless

Another option here is to hashtag where you’re hiking, especially if it’s a popular hiking destination like the Great Smoky Mountains or The Pacific Crest Trail.

You can also hashtag the specific state you’re hiking. For instance, #hikecolorado or #hikecalifornia.

Nature photography hashtags for flower pics


And lastly, we couldn’t forget to throw some flower hashtags into the mix for those of you who just can’t help but snap all the pretty flower pics.

#flower #flowersofinstagram #flowerpower #flowerphotography #floweroftheday #flowermagic #flowerlovers #flowergram #flowerlove

Which nature photography hashtags will you use on your Instagram?

We’ve got you started here with some excellent options for nature hashtags.

Give some of them a try and don’t hesitate to mix some of your own hashtags in.

Remember: You don’t want to overdo it on the hashtags, and you should avoid stuffing your captions with hashtags just for the sake of it.

Use hashtags to describe what you’ve got going on in your nature shot, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

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