The Most Perfect Car Selfie Captions

car selfie caption

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Don’t you dare lie to me, you’ve definitely taken a selfie or two in your car.

Whether it was in the grocery store parking lot, your driveway, or on the side of the road while waiting for your BFF, the car selfie is always a good way to kill some time.  

So, I think it’s about time that we go over some selfie captions that work for those parked car moments (please keep it safe, don’t selfie and drive, okay?).

Which of these car selfie captions will you be using?

  • Car is parked

I mean, if you want to really drive attention to the fact that you’re in a car taking a selfie, while also letting people know you’re being totally safe, keep it simple with this caption.

  • Super cool car photoshoot

We have Megan Fox to thank for this one. Once again, I love how it doesn’t try to hide the fact that you’re taking a selfie in your car. I mean, if you can’t poke fun at yourself… well, I’m not sure I like you (kiddddding… kind of).

  • Because the lighting was good

A car selfie is great because you can never be blamed for lighting. Options are limited.

  • Just waiting for [fill in the blank]

Use the caption to tell people WHY you’re taking a selfie in your car. This is especially good when you’re waiting on someone and you call them out on Instagram.

  • Just your standard car selfie
  • Safety first!

Lovin’ this one from Kaitlyn Bristowe for its simplicity, but also, come on, the picture has to make you laugh.

  • Hello Monday

While we can’t all have a car collection as impressive as Kylie Jenner, I think we all can use her simple caption next time we’re posing in the car (but like, change the day of the week depending on when you post #obvi).

  • Hittin’ the road, baby!

For the selfie you take to commemorate the start of your next big road trip, use this car selfie caption.  

To end, take note of the fact that #carselfie has currently been used 2.4 million times on Instagram. You’re definitely not the only one sitting in their car snapping away.

Generate AI Images with your own selfies

Create AI Avatars

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