Our Favorite Love Selfie Captions

Not sure how to sum up your epic love story on social media? Try out a few from our list of the best love captions for selfies.

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With #love being used 1.9+ BILLION times on Instagram, love-dovey Instagram posts and love-related selfie captions are never in short supply on the app.

I mean, don’t lie, you enjoy flaunting your #couplegoals pics, right? No judgment here, friends. I’ll only throw a little shade if you use generic love captions.

When you’re looking for selfie captions to sum up the love between you and your boo, you want your followers to see hearts, not eye rolls.

Avoid the trap of writing a generic love caption on your Instagram, and try out some of these love captions for selfies below. Some might be a bit more cheese-heavy than others, but pick the one that suits your personality, and it’ll be a match made in selfie caption heaven.

22 love selfie captions for your Insta

  • See that smile? All him/her.
  • Heavenly.

Take notes from Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher with this super simple selfie caption.

  • At the end of the day, this is what matters.

Can you tell that I’m stalking some of the former bachelorettes for the captions they use with their SO? Try out this one from Rachel Lindsay.

  • Like rain, I will always fall for you.
  • I never believed in love at first sight until I met you.
  • You make my face hurt and my heart melt. Not complaining.

A great love selfie caption if you’ve got a big smile on your face.

  • Stuck on you.
  • A groovy kind of love.

Perhaps for that selfie taken at a music festival.

  • [sum up your love in emojis]
  • Loving you is easy.
  • The Barack to my Michelle.

Or name your fave celeb couple. Any will work, just, you know, don’t pick any that are in the headlines for their rocky marriage. Or better yet, stick with fictional characters. Tarzan and Jane? Jack and Rose? Ron and Hermione? The options are endless.

  • I could say a lot of cheesy things about this man/woman, but let’s just say, he/she put this smile on my face.
  • In the words of Katy Perry, baby, you’re a firework

A nice option if you’ve got a fireworks backdrop going on (hello, Fourth of July!).

  • If we were in a store, we’d be sold as a set. Cheesy, but true.  
  • I’m his/her number one fan.

A good one for a game-day selfie.  

  • We go together like chips and dip.
  • He’s my lobster.

Name what show that is from.

  • I love you more than pizza and, well, that says a lot.
  • You ain’t getting rid of me.
  • Life’s an adventure with you

For all you couples out there snapping pics of your travels.

  • I love u buttface

I mean, if Chrissy Teigen can say it to John Legend, what’s stopping you?

All of me loves all of you.

Speaking of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend ... #couplegoals all around.

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